Version 2.9 beta released

After several months of development, we are pleased to announce the first beta version of Restrict Content Pro 2.9. This is a major update that includes a number of significant improvements, including better payment record tracking, options to restrict complete post types, enhanced user-role restrictions, subscription renewal reminders, and more.

Version 2.8 beta now available!

After our recent 2.7 release, which took nearly six months to complete, we decided to ramp up our development speed and reduce the number of improvements to be added to 2.8. This has allowed us to complete version 2.8 with less than one month of development time, meaning all of you get the new features and improvements sooner! As of today, the first beta version of 2.8 is available, which introduces support for one-time discount codes, Braintree Payments, and numerous other small improvements throughout the plugin.

Version 2.7 beta now available!

After more than five months in development, we are thrilled to announce the release of the first beta version of Restrict Content Pro 2.7. This version includes more than 25 distinct improvements, including a new payment gateway, improved free trials, and more.

Version 2.6 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Restrict Content Pro version 2.6. This version has been in active development for more than five months and includes some great new improvements, including simpler interfaces, responsive admin screens, and better comment restriction.

2.6 now ready for beta testing

We are pleased to announce that Restrict Content Pro version 2.6 is nearly ready. This version has been in active development since version 2.5 was released at the end of March. In version 2.6, we have made some significant improvements that will benefit site owners and members alike.

Introducing the Restriction Timeouts add-on

We are thrilled to introduce another Professional add-on, Restriction Timeouts. This add-on will allow site administrators to specify a date and time when the restrictions on a page or category should be automatically removed, making the content accessible to everyone.

The new Restrict Content Pro

More than four years ago, Restrict Content Pro was introduced to the world. A lot has changed since then and today I would like to tell you about what we have been working on for the last few months and introduce you to Restrict Content Pro version 2.5, new pricing options, and a series of new professional add-ons.

New add-on for restricting content by IP

Have you ever wanted to restrict content on your site to specific IP addresses or perhaps allow certain IPs to bypass paid subscription requirements? You are in luck! A brand new add-on for setting up IP address access rules has just been released by the fine folks at Section214.