New! 34 Pro Add-Ons Included With All Restrict Content Pro Plans

We have a ton of announcements to share with you! In this post, we’ll upack all of these changes and improvements to our Restrict Content Pro plans and add-ons. With so much to cover, let’s just hop right in.

The 34 Restrict Content Pro Add-Ons Now Included with All Our plans

Our library of Pro Add-ons allow you to take Restrict Content Pro further—from Drip Content to Custom Redirects to MailChimp Pro to Group Accounts, now you get all 34 Pro Add-ons with any Restrict Content Pro Plan! 

Let’s take a closer look at the 34 Restrict Content Pro add-ons that are included with all Restrict Content Pro plans. You can download all of these add-ons from your iThemes Members Panel.

  1. – Process credit card payments through the payment gateway.
  2. Limited Quantity Available – Limit the number of times subscription levels may be purchased.
  3. EDD Member Downloads – Offer subscription plans that grant access to a specified number of free unique downloads each subscription period.
  4. EDD Wallet – Deposit funds into a member’s Easy Digital Downloads wallet account when they subscribe to your memberships.
  5. EDD FES Vendor Limits – Charge vendors to publish products with Frontend Submissions for Easy Digital Downloads and control the number of products they can publish.
  6. Download Monitor – This is a free extension for Restrict Content Pro that creates a bridge between RCP and Download Monitor.
  7. WP Job Manager – Limit job submissions through WP Job Manager to paid subscribers in Restrict Content Pro.
  8. bbPress – This plugin will add support for limiting bbPress forums and topics to paid subscribers and / or subscribers with specific access rights.
  9. Campaign Monitor – Allow members to subscribe to email lists in Campaign Monitor during registration.
  10. MailPoet – Allow members to subscribe to email lists in MailPoet during registration.
  11. Enforce Strong Passwords – This is a simple extension for Restrict Content Pro to enforce strong passwords during registration.
  12. ActiveCampaign – Subscribe members to your ActiveCampaign mailing lists when they register for memberships.
  13. AvaTax – We wanted to integrate with a service that provides both US and European tax resolution. Avalara does both and has been a leader in the industry for many years.
  14. AWeber Pro – Add members to your AWeber mailing list when they sign up for a membership.
  15. BuddyPress Integration – This add-on for Restrict Content Pro creates a seamless connection with your BuddyPress installation.
  16. ConvertKit – This extension integrates Restrict Content Pro with ConvertKit by letting you subscribe members to forms and courses when they purchase a subscription on your site.
  17. Custom Redirects – This add-on allows you to specify the redirect URL that members are sent to after logging in and registering accounts.
  18. Drip Content – Release content to members on a schedule with Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro.
  19. Group Accounts – Sell multi-member group memberships through Restrict Content Pro.
  20. Hard-set Expiration Dates – Allows for a specific expiration date to be assigned to membership levels.
  21. Help Scout – Display customer’s membership information from Restrict Content Pro inside of Help Scout when viewing tickets.
  22. IP Restriction – Allow specified IP addresses to bypass content restrictions and ban other IP addresses from signing up for a membership plan.
  23. MailChimp Pro – Subscribe members to different MailChimp lists for each subscription level and synchronize account details over time.
  24. Math Verification – This is a simple add-on for Restrict Content Pro that adds a math verification field to the registration form.
  25. Per-Level Emails – Configure different activation, expiration, and cancellation emails for each membership level.
  26. REST API – A complete RESTful API for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.
  27. Restrict Past Content – A complete RESTful API for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.
  28. Restriction Timelock – Keep content unrestricted until a specified date in the future, at which point it will become restricted automatically.
  29. Restriction Timeouts – Specify a date and time when restricted content will have its restrictions removed, making it available to everyone.
  30. Resume Manager – This add-on grants you membership level control over WP Job Manager’s Resume Manager add-on.
  31. Site Creation – Allow paid subscribers to purchase sites in a WordPress multisite.
  32. Ultimate Member Integration – Our Ultimate Member add-on for Restrict Content Pro (RCP) seamlessly integrates RCP’s powerful subscriptions functionality with the advanced member management provided by Ultimate Member.
  33. View Limit – Allow guests to view a limited amount of restricted content with our View Limit plugin. Set the number of unique pages, posts, or custom posts someone is allowed to view.
  34. WooCommerce Member Discounts – Give members automatic discounts on purchases in your WooCommerce store.

Starting September 13, 2021, we are no longer differentiating between Pro and Official add-ons and you now find everything on the Pro add-ons page. You’ll notice that we updated the Restrict Content Pro add-ons page to reflect the changes made to the Personal and Plus plans.

RCP Personal & Plus Plans Are Better Than Ever!

We hear one thing more than anything else from those of you with RCP Personal and Plus plans. You want a way to get your hands on the Pro add-ons without needing to upgrade from a single site plan to an unlimited plan.

For many of you, there are only a handful of the Pro add-ons you need to grow your business. So, you asked us to make the Pro add-ons available to purchase a-la-carte. We loved the idea, but we decided to tweak it a little to make it our own.

Starting September 13, 2021, Restrict Content Pro Personal and Plus plans include all 34 Pro add-ons. All 34 Pro add-ons represent a massive value of over $2,000!

The addition of all Pro add-ons ultimately means you’ll no longer need to purchase an unlimited sites plan to get access to all the Pro add-ons for Restrict Content Pro, so we’re excited to add more value to these plans designed for smaller site needs.

And, the best part is: If you’re a current Personal or Plus plan customer, we already added this massive upgrade to your accounts at no extra cost to you!

Every Add-On Now Supports iThemes Licensing and Updates

The iThemes Updater system is how we manage and deliver version updates to our plugins and themes. Restrict Content Pro and the original 23 Pro add-ons were already receiving updates via the iThemes Updater so you could use your iThemes account to license the plugin and receive updates. However, the 13 (Official) add-ons that are available in the WordPress Plugin Repository have not been using our updater system.

To simplify how we manage updates and to provide a consistent experience, we are adding the iThemes Updater to every add-on so you can use your iThemes account to license all your Restrict Content Pro add-ons for updates.

On September 14, 2021, the add-ons listed below will receive the iThemes Updater. All future updates to Restrict Content Pro and the 34 current add-ons will be delivered via the iThemes updater, so make sure to license them by logging in with your iThemes username and password. Check out our Help Center to learn How to License iThemes Products on Your Sites.

  2. Limited Quantity
  3. EDD Member Downloads
  4. EDD Wallet
  5. EDD FES Vendor Downloads
  6. Download Monitor
  7. WP Job Manager
  8. bbPress
  9. Campaign Monitor
  10. MailPoet
  11. Enforce Strong Passwords

To receive updates via the iThemes Updater, you will need an active subscription and to license the Restrict Content Pro plugins installed on your sites.

Restrict Content Pro Add-ons To Be Removed From

As we mentioned before, we are no longer differentiating between Pro and Official add-ons for Restrict Content Pro.

Starting October 14, 2021, all Restrict Content Pro add-ons will be removed from the WordPress Plugin Repository and will only be available to download from your iThemes Members Panel.

Two RCP Add-Ons Become Obsolete

Now that all Restrict Content Pro plans include access to the MailChimp Pro add-on, there is no reason for anyone to continue using the MailChimp Lite add-on.

The core Restrict Content Pro plugin allows you to import members from a CSV file, making the CSV User Import add-on functionality redundant.

Starting October 14, 2021, both the MailChimp Lite and CSV User Import add-ons will be removed from the WordPress plugin repository and will no longer be available to download.

Wrapping Up

All of these changes are based on customer feedback as we work to improve Restrict Content Pro and your customer experience. We’re also busy working on some exciting changes and new features for Restrict Content Pro, so we’ll keep you posted.

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