Increase engagement by building a community around your membership site

Interaction is an important part of a membership site. Even after your members join, you want to keep them engaged with the material and with each other. An active community can help keep members around for a longer period of time.

Here are a few tips for turning your membership site into an engaged community:

1. Create a Facebook group for your members

Facebook groups can be a great place for certain audiences to come together since many people already spend a large chunk of time on Facebook. Members are more likely to participate if they see content during their regular browsing.

When trying to get people involved in discussion, Facebook groups are usually better than pages because each member can create a topic that’s prominently displayed. Members can ask questions and get support from you or other community members.

Popular WordPress groups include:

2. Create a Slack team

Slack teams can sometimes be harder to maintain than Facebook groups, because it often means keeping people interested in a platform they don’t normally use. (Whereas with Facebook groups, people are already on Facebook anyway so you don’t have to teach them to use it and keep using it.)

But in the right niche/industry, Slack teams can be extremely successful. The “live chat” style of communication can make it easier to talk to people one-on-one and have quick conversations. Plus, Slack allows you to create different channels for each topic to help categorize discussions.

Did you know that has its own Slack team?

3. Build a forum on your site using bbPress

bbPress is forum software for WordPress. The forum approach is helpful if you want to create more structure and organization in your community. It can also be installed directly on your site so you can keep all your material in one place.

bbPress integrates perfectly with Restrict Content Pro and our free bbPress add-on. Entire forums and/or individual topics can be restricted to members only. When the add-on is activated, a new “Restrict this Forum/Topic” meta box is added to the right-hand side. You can set up restrictions based on subscription level or access level.

bbPress forum restrictions

4. Host regular webinars or live workshops

Webinars and video workshops allow you to get face-to-face with your audience. You can provide live training material and walk people through step-by-step. Furthermore, if you have some kind of chat interface alongside the video, you can interact with people in real time to answer their questions or listen to feedback.

Workshops are a good choice if you sell access to e-courses or other learning materials.

You can host live videos with:

What do you do to promote engagement within your membership community? Let us know in the comments!

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