Introducing the EDD Member Downloads add-on

Sell subscription download plans to your members with Easy Digital Downloads and our new, free EDD Member Downloads add-on. Give your members access to a set number of free downloads each subscription period. This is a great way to enhance your member rewards program and increase member retention.

Introducing the Site Creation add-on

We are happy to announce the new Site Creation add-on for Restrict Content Pro. This Professional add-on allows you to sell access to sites within a WordPress multisite network, and it’s super easy to set up and manage.

Introducing the Restriction Timeouts add-on

We are thrilled to introduce another Professional add-on, Restriction Timeouts. This add-on will allow site administrators to specify a date and time when the restrictions on a page or category should be automatically removed, making the content accessible to everyone.

New add-on for restricting content by IP

Have you ever wanted to restrict content on your site to specific IP addresses or perhaps allow certain IPs to bypass paid subscription requirements? You are in luck! A brand new add-on for setting up IP address access rules has just been released by the fine folks at Section214.