Group memberships add-on now available! Sell umbrella memberships with Restrict Content Pro

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the Group Accounts add-on. This Professional add-on lets you sell group memberships with Restrict Content Pro. With Group Accounts, a member can subscribe to a membership that includes a number of “group seats”. The group owner can add members to the group in order to give them access to the membership. This makes it easy for organizations and other multi-member groups to manage access for their members without requiring that each member maintain their own account. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Setting up group subscription levels

To allow group seats on a subscription level, you need to enable them and define the number of seats that comes with the subscription. To do that, go to Restrict → Subscription Levels, and add a new subscription level or edit an existing one. From there, you will see an option to enable the group accounts feature and an option to define the number of seats allowed.

Subscription level Group Accounts settings
Subscription level Group Accounts settings

Once you’ve set it up, save your subscription level. Now let’s set up the Group Dashboard page, so members can manage their groups.

Setting up the Group Dashboard

Your members need a page to manage their groups. With Group Accounts this is very easy to do. Go to Pages → Add New, create a new page called Group Dashboard (or whatever you want to call it), add the [rcp_group_dashboard] shortcode to the page, and publish it. Group Accounts also includes other shortcodes for more control over your dashboard. See the documentation for details.

What your members see

When a person registers for a group-enabled membership, there will be two extra fields on the registration form that lets the person set the group name and group description.

Group Accounts fields on the registration form.
Group Accounts fields on the registration form.

After registration, group owners can manage the group from the Group Dashboard. Take a look at the group dashboard features in the screenshots below.

Site administrator features

As the site administrator, you have some additional group management features in the WordPress dashboard. You can view and manage the group settings on your site, add new groups manually, add new members to those groups manually, and edit the members in the group.

That’s an overview of the Group Accounts add-on. It’s a powerful add-on that greatly simplifies membership management for organizations and other multi-member groups.

How do I get it?

Group Accounts is available today to all Professional and Ultimate license holders. If you already have a license, you can download it from your account dashboard. If you don’t yet have a license, what are you waiting for? Get one today!

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  1. Excellent! However, in my opinion allowing a member to register for multiple subscription levels would be also a useful add-on.

  2. Any chance this may expand in the future to allow the visitor to choose the number of seats? I have a client using RCP whose customers are educators – often a principal wants to purchase X number of memberships for teachers at his/her school, but the number varies on a case by case basis. The pricing would actually be the same as the normal membership, but it would allow one payment per school based on the number of memberships they need instead of each person signing up individually.

  3. Seems like a good start. Are there any reporting features specific to groups included? I get a lot of requests for more group membership and reporting capabilities with RCP….

  4. What happens to the individual members when the owner of the group cancels their own membership?

    1. Users that are members of a group will have their account status synced to the group owner’s account, so if the group owner cancels the account or payments fail to be processed, both group owners and members will lose access.

  5. Hi there, I was just wondering if there was any feature to invite members via a csv file or some form of bulk invitation as typically my groups will have 100 = members to be invited and it can be a long winded going 1 user at a time. Looks like a great addon however. looking forward to giving it a try.

      1. Any further info on this? The page you linked to doesn’t provide much info. I have just tried adding a new group owner, I created a group and set an existing user as a group owner. But when I log in as that group owner, I don’t have a subscription so can’t manage the group.

        I also don’t see any specific docs ion how to import the group members?


      2. Thanks John, very good. Bulk importing is very important. Glad to see csv upload here. Would be nice to see a progress bar or something when uploading but I guess that will come in time of course. Thanks for the added info here much appreciated.

  6. I need to be able to do a price per seat based upon the group size. For instance if purchasing under 100 seats, $25 per seat, 100-249 $20, 250-499 $12, etc. Is this ability part of the addon?

    1. Not yet, Carolyn, but we’d love to add something like this in the future (per-seat pricing).

      If you have any further questions, feel free to send us a message via our support page and we’ll be happy to help! 🙂

      1. Ashley, I want to strongly second Carolyn’s request. My RCP-using client would jump at this, and without it the group feature is less compelling. Thanks.

  7. Hello,
    This seems like a great application and leaning towards buying it. But I wanted to know if there would be a way to have the admin of the group account assign specific tasks or share specific links to their members.
    I tried looking through the support page but couldn’t find anything that would tell me if the admin can communicate to their members in any way.


    1. Could you provide a specific example of how you’d like your admin(s) to be able to communicate to members?

      1. For example, the group admins are teachers and their members are students. They want to refer them to specific activities found on the site for them to work on. So maybe they can provide them with a link that directs the students to that activity. There might be a new link each week that they can assign all the members or a specific member.

        I hope this makes sense, let me know if not.


      2. Is there a way I can contact you to understand this part of the plugin a little more?
        Thank you,

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