Growing memberships through an affiliate program

Building your membership website into a successful and sustainable business can be difficult. Once your site is up and running, a key tactic you can use to aid the growth of your business is an affiliate program which encourages others to help market your website.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for customers they help obtain for the business via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Flow

AffiliateWP – a complete affiliate marketing management solution for WordPress – offers one of the easiest ways to setup an affiliate program with Restrict Content Pro. With the native integration for Restrict Content Pro, enabling your affiliate program can take only a few minutes.

With AffiliateWP, you can easily reward affiliates a commission on each new account registration they generate, provide a complete affiliate area for affiliates to view their stats and marketing assets, and even manage the reward payments to affiliates.

Many affiliate programs offer one-time incentives, but you may find that you wish to expand the incentives offered to affiliates by giving them more opportunities to earn commissions in exchange for extra marketing efforts. AffiliateWP provides several excellent options for this.

With the Recurring Referrals add-on, you can configure your affiliate program to award a commission on not only the first payment made, but also each followup payment processed for subscriptions. This greatly increases the value of your program for your marketing partners (affiliates) and encourages them to work harder at promoting your website.

Another option is using the Lifetime Commissions add-on to permanently “attach” customers to affiliate accounts. This means that once a customer has been referred by an affiliate and made a purchase on your site, any future purchases that customer completes on your site will generate a commission for the affiliate. This can be an excellent approach when you want to award commissions for accounts that upgrade their subscription or purchase a new subscription after their previous account expires, but you do not wish to award commissions for each subscription payment made after the initial payment.

When done well, affiliate programs can really help grow your business. If you’re ready to begin growing your membership website or are looking for a new platform to run your affiliate program with, head over to AffiliateWP’s website to learn more.

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