Create an Amazing Membership Sales Page

How to Create an Amazing Membership Sales Page that Converts

If you’re serious about turning more site visitors into members, then it’s time to get focused on your membership sales page.

A membership sales page is a landing page that’s focused on converting prospects into members, and is one of your most effective tools to build your membership community.

But what do you need to do to build a sales landing page that will make a real difference in your business?

In this guide, you’ll learn why it’s important to create a membership sales page for your site. We’ll also discuss the best solutions and tools that will make creating an effective one an absolute breeze.

Then, we’ll walk you through the specific aspects of a successful sales page that will get results and grow your membership business.

Let’s dive in.

What Is a Membership Sales Page and Why Do You Need One?

Is your website getting a decent amount of traffic, but very few membership signups? If so, it could mean that you’re not closing the sale in an impactful way.

This is exactly why you need a landing page to sell your membership.

The entire purpose of having a sales page is to prompt users into action. When running a membership website, your sales page’s job is to drive users to subscribe and become members.

A sales page that converts at a high rate could very well be the ticket toward success for your membership site.

It’s important to understand that this type of landing page needs to stand out from the rest of your site and have its own unique features. In many cases, you don’t even want headers, footers or sidebars on your landing page.

Instead, you want all of the information presented on the page to do one thing: drive users toward joining your membership.

This page isn’t the place where users navigate to when they want to read your latest posts or read more about your history. Instead, everything you display on this page should be designed to guide each user toward converting.

To do this, you’ll need to have a membership sales page with a focused objective that results in sign-ups. Keep reading to learn how this is done.

Getting Started On a Effective Sales Page For Memberships

Many of the most popular WordPress themes, especially those that are current, will include a template to create a landing page. If you’re searching for a new theme to use on your WordPress site, make sure you look at the features list. It’ll let you know if that particular theme includes a landing page template.

If you’re already using a theme that you like, but it has no template for a landing page, there are other solutions that come in the form of WordPress plugins. There are many plugins to choose from, and we don’t like to pick favorites, but we will.


Kadence Theme is the most feature-rich free WordPress theme that has ever been released. There is also a Pro version that takes innovation even further.

Create an Amazing Membership Sales Page

Factors That Lead To Successful Membership Sales Pages

Several different key features must be included on a sales page that converts. Of course, your specific business model may be unique from your competition so you’ll have to decide for yourself which features best reflect your goals.

The major point is that you don’t want to distract your users from drilling down to the end result: Signing up for a membership. Everything that you put on this page should filter them down into having the opportunity to become members.

It’s important to keep your audience in mind when you create a membership sales page.

  • How well do you explain your site?
  • What exactly are the benefits of membership?
  • What sorts of things do your users typically respond to?

With those things in mind, let’s look at the features you should include on your sales page.

1. A Clear CTA (Call To Action)

Your call to action is the most important component of your sales page. You can display it in a number of ways, but it needs to be one of the very first things a user reads when they land on the page.

Make the CTA button eye-catching and prominent on the page. It can be the first thing the page displays, or included a bit further down in your sales copy. Just make sure it catches the reader’s eyes and draws attention.

Also make sure that it’s above the fold of the page so that a user doesn’t need to scroll down in order to see it for the first time.

It’s a good idea to use graphical elements like arrows to draw more attention to your call to action.

2. Professional Design

Good design will make a positive impression on your target audience. It will show users that your membership website is reputable and professional.

If you’re a professional designer, building a sales page from scratch is often a fun project. However, if you’re a design novice you can always use templates that will shine your business in a professional light.

Templates can be as good, if not even getter, than landing pages that are custom-designed. They’re already designed to optimize conversions, and are mostly plug-and-play.

The tools discussed earlier in this article will help you achieve the professional design you’re looking for.

3. Great Copy

Make sure your written ad copy is to-the-point and precise. On a membership sales page, less is not more.

However, you want to ensure that you include all needed info that your audience will need to make a buying decision. Properly highlight key features of your offer and remind them of the key points that you know will drive conversions.

4. Use a Promo Video

Videos are powerful marketing tools. On your sales page, consider using a short video that will detail the benefits of becoming a member.

Videos appeal to people who learn visually and prefer to watch and listen rather than read. 

Make sure the promo video explains exactly what views will get and how it’ll benefit them. Create video content that’s personal and engaging, and you’ll have a great opportunity to sell your membership.

5. Powerful Images

Powerful images capture the attention of users in a unique way.

Put images that are visually appealing into your sales page to break up blocks of text, or to replace areas of text that are better explained by an image.

6. Price Comparison Table

You’ll want to employ a price comparison table that details how your membership plan stacks up against the competition.

By including pricing and the features your membership offers, you’ll allow your audience to see the value of your product even if it costs a bit more than your competitors.

7. Countdown Timer

By utilizing a countdown timer, you’ll create excitement (and a buzz) about your site and membership offer. Consider offering a course for a specific number of days (or hours) at a price that’s discounted for the first 25 subscribers.

Countdown timers create a feeling of urgency that pushes people to make a purchase.

8. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials from your site can help sway a lot of user opinions into making a purchase.

Convincing testimonials (that are real) will explain how your membership site personally brought benefit into someone else’s life in a way that convinces the reader that it will improve their lives as well.

Some of the Best Performing Membership Sales Pages

To help inspire you to create a membership sales page that performs, let’s take a look at a few examples of the best ones out there.

1. Digital Marketer’s Lab+

This is an online community created by Ryan Deiss that boasts tens of thousands of members. It was created for digital marketing pros, and allows them to connect with experts who teach them how to grow and scale into a successful digital marketing business.

On the sales page, you’ll see a short video that appears above the fold. The video does an incredible job of giving a thorough introduction to the membership area. It explains how members will benefit from signing up, and gives several powerful testimonials.

Right below the intro video is a CTA that prompts you to become a member of Lab+.

One of the sales page’s top features is that it lists out, in three different areas of the page, what members should expect when they sign up. Beyond that, it also details the process you’ll go through to become a certified member of the program.

On the sales page, you’ll also find the avatars of each of the Lab+ members, including the Founder, Team Leaders, and Marketing Pros.

2. GKIC’s No B.S. Membership

The no B.S. Inner Circle was founded by Dan Kennedy. As an entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find new opportunities
  • Increase your income stream
  • Create marketing strategies through automation

The sales page for the No B.S. Membership level is what we’ll look at here.

The Gold Membership features a brief sales page that provides the most key information, and nothing else.

It begins with a little copy that explains who the Gold Membership is for and how people benefit when they sign up.

It then flows into a brief video testimonial from one of their members that adds a lot of value to the membership. As you navigate down the sales page, you’ll see a slider that features other member video testimonials that help further reinforce the membership’s value.

Beyond that, the membership sales page presents a very compelling offer to brand new members, while listing out every detail of what a new member can expect.

3. Grounded Nutrition

The membership program for Grounded Nutrition, created by Whiutney Paige, offers an online community, support groups, meal plans and resources for nutrition.

The membership sales page is colorful and highly comprehensive, and does a lot of things the right way.

To begin, there is no navigation bar on the sales page. This minimizes distractions. The page does a great job at keeping brand consistency, however, and has a great flow that begins by giving an introduction to the program.

It then highlights its best features and explains, with a video, exactly how it all works.

This includes:

  • Key benefits
  • Customer testimonials
  • What the membership includes
  • Pricing
  • FAQs

Then, the “How It Works” section breaks down the process, with screenshots included, that gives each visitor an exact vision of what they’ll find inside.

Also, the FAQ section will answer any additional questions that a prospective member may have about the program.

4. The Mental Mastery Course by Ramit Sethi

The Mental Mastery Course is a course in productivity that’s also a membership program

This membership sales page is done in long-form style, and begins with a hook that catches people’s attention.

When you scroll down, you’ll see a message from Ramit that comes across as an article and does an excellent job detailing the context of the program. It’s a highly personalized message that speaks powerfully to the target audience.

On the sales page, you’ll see a section detailing what members should expect from the course, along with screenshots of the video thumbnails of the course.

5. Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson

This is a book that directs people how to turn their knowledge into a viable business. Although the conversion page isn’t technically a membership sales page, it does some things incredibly well.

If you look above the fold, you’ll see a hook, a call to action, and an engaging video where Russel introduces his book.

Then, as you scroll further down, you’ll find videos of short case studies that show how the book has given people the tools to succeed.

Beyond that, the sales page for Expert Secrets has several eye-catching CTA buttons that are strategically placed in different areas, with a CTA button that’s written in the first person by Russel.

Near the end of the page, you’ll find copy explaining how the offer is a very limited-time offer. You’ll need to claim your free copy of the book before they’re gone.

This technique creates scarcity and drives people into taking action, which accomplishes your goal of creating a fast and effective conversion.

Membership Sales Page That Converts Will Change the Game

It’s important to keep a close eye on your analytics to know exactly how your sales page is converting. Do some A/B testing with the sales page to determine the content and design that best appeals to your audience.

By taking time to analyze data and adjusting your approach according to what’s working, you’ll see how quickly you’ll end up with a fully optimized membership sales page that converts.

Remember, an effective and visually appealing sales page is one of the absolute best ways to give your membership numbers a boost, while driving more revenue to your bottom line. It’s important to start working on one as soon as you can.

Of course, site security is incredibly important when you’re running a WordPress membership site. A WordPress security plugin is an absolute necessity to keep out malicious attacks and hackers.

But no matter how great your security is, there will still be times when you’ll be glad you’re running a WordPress backup plugin that can immediately restore your site if something goes wrong.

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