Introducing Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro Release your content on a schedule

Today we’re thrilled to announce the Drip Content add-on for Restrict Content Pro. This Professional add-on allows you to define schedules for when your content will become available to members, instead of it becoming available immediately when they join. You can schedule content to become available days, months, or even years after a member joins. Drip scheduling is a great way to retain members and increase your revenue!

If you missed our preview post, let’s look at an example we used there. Let’s say you teach people how to play the guitar. Your lessons normally take 3 months to complete. Without dripped content, your members could sign up, download all the content, and cancel their subscription the next day. With a dripped schedule, you can release each lesson on the schedule you want and retain your members for the full 3 months.

Schedules can be defined for posts, pages, and other custom content types – such as online courses, Easy Digital Downloads products, and more. Schedules can also be defined for categories, tags, and other custom taxonomies. Taxonomy schedules allow you to define schedules for groups of content, making it quicker and easier to get your content schedules in place. You can use a combination of post and taxonomy schedules if you like, and you can define as few or many schedules as you need.

Drip Content also includes a shortcode you can use to display scheduled content that comes with a member’s subscription. It shows a list of posts and taxonomies that are available to the member. It also has the option of showing a list of items that are not yet available, along with the date they will become available to the member.

Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro is available today to all Professional and Ultimate license holders, and it can be downloaded from your account dashboard. Don’t have a Professional or Ultimate license? Get one today! If you have the Personal or Plus license, upgrade from your account dashboard and pay only the difference!

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  1. So I have a Personal subscription as I only have a single site. As much as I’d LOVE to have this I’m not going to upgrade to Pro or Ultimate just to get it and end up paying a fortune for things like Unlimited Site support which just don’t apply 🙁

    1. Hi Cliff,

      Thanks for reaching out. I wanted to clarify a couple things about the Pro and Ultimate licenses.

      1. They do grant you access to updates and support Restrict Content Pro on one, two, five, or as many sites as you wish, but this isn’t a requirement at all. It is simply an added benefit of the higher license levels.

      2. They grant you access to all add-ons, but especially the pro add-ons. We sell our licenses this way to help keep things very simple and cost effective for our customers. Most customers that opt for the Professional or Ultimate license find themselves using 3 or even 4 of the professional add-ons (it’s very rare that only one is used). For this reason, if we were to sell them separately it would make very little sense for most customers, because each add-on would be priced in the ~$50 range. In this instance, once the Personal license plus 3-4 add-ons are purchased, the price would be equal to or higher than the Professional license. So to give our customers excellent value, we make it easy and package them all together for one, simple price. Remember as well that with the Professional and Ultimate licenses you get all current add-ons and all future add-ons we build.

      Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you – I’m happy to help!

    2. Cliff,
      I was thinking the same thing. I was excited when I got the email about this new feature but became less excited when I saw its only being available on the pricier plans. Although John’s reply was informative, I still wish it was offered on the personal plan for people who are on a buget.

  2. I’m the same, I would like to buy this independently. I don’t feel I’d use the other pro plugins but would really love this one. It’s too pricey at the moment.

    I understand your thoughts behind the pro plans, but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve actually purchased quite a number of plugins and spent a small fortune over time. None of the plugins I’ve purchased are in the pro plan.

    1. Membership websites are entire businesses, sometimes small and sometimes very large. $199 for the system that powers the business is really not pricey.

      Keep in mind that the Professional and Ultimate licenses do not just grant access to the add-ons available right now; they grant access to all future add-ons as well, which there will be many. A few examples of upcoming add-ons:

      • Limit Articles Viewed – this will allow your readers to view a certain number of articles for free before a membership is required
      • Restrict Past Content – this will let you give members access to only content published after their join date
      • Group Memberships – this will let you sell group accounts where a group owner can add sub-accounts (such as schools or teams)
      • Address Collection – this will let you collect shipping / billing addresses for members
      • And many more. We have a complete list that are being worked on

      Not all of these add-ons will be valuable to everyone, but the key is that they are available to everyone with a Professional or Ultimate license without anyone every being nickel-and-dimed, which is exactly how the majority would feel if they had to purchase, 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 10 add-ons individually.

      Our goal is to make things exceptionally simple and keeping all add-ons available free of charge to the two top level tiers is by far the simplest model.

  3. A few comments here about the pricing model. I understand things from both sides but to be honest, it is a cheap in my opinion. As someone who understands what it takes to create something like this, you should be charging a lot more. If people find this expensive, they aren’t charging enough for their work and/or don’t understand just how much time and effort went into creating something with this kind of functionality. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had 500+ hours in this. I feel the same way about Gravity Forms. Forms that would take hours to code by hand literally take minutes with Gravity Forms. I don’t look at the cost of a plugin or theme and think strictly about the number, I think about how much time it will save me. If a plugin has a $200 yearly subscription fee, it only has to save me about 3 hours of my time to be worth it each year. I can recoup that expense on one project but use it on every other project I do. I do subscribe to the value based pricing model, so that does impact my decision making process.

    Side Note: What is going on with the word wrapping?

  4. Sorry guys, but, I agree with the others that asking $199 for “all the plugins” without having a putchase a single plugin at $69 option is just too much of a disconnect. Many of your users are just leveling up to using a membership site and don’t mind buying a la carte for pieces as they need them, but, can’t mentally justify the “huge” leap from $0 to $199.

    It’s like going in to a nice restaurant looking for a simple but well cooked meal, getting seated, and enjoying the ambiance, and then being told by the waiter that you have to purchase a “buffet” and it costs 3-4 times as much as you were expecting to pay for a meal.

    Not leaving a good taste in the mouth for the person just trying out the restaurant…

    Seriously, I like the $199 deal as a developer. But, having an a la carte option for those just dipping their toes in the water is a standard and expected practice.


  5. Hi,
    I am sorry for my poor English, recently I want to launch a non-profit organization in China, and want to know that any dicount for it with Ultimate package/one time payment at black friday or cyber monday? we can wait for that ment.


    1. Hi Llang!

      There is actually a sale going on right now! Use the following discount code to save 25%: SUMMEREND2016

      It expires on Monday, September 12.

      1. Hello,

        Thanks! feature request. if there are multi-author who sell their own content/downloads, and we get 30% of the sales, can RCP provide a way to realize it?

  6. Hello pippin,

    We had a Plus and are planning to get Pro (does the 30% off still apply?). I see that email was/will be intended for Drip. Has automatic email on each drip been implemented? Is there a hook if not?


    1. The 30% discount codes not apply but your upgrade will be discounted by $99 automatically due to your Plus license.

      We do not yet have automated emails for dripped content but it’s still on our todo list. There’s not currently a hook for it.

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