Introducing the EDD Member Downloads add-on Sell subscription download plans to your members

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the EDD Member Downloads add-on. This free add-on connects Restrict Content Pro with Easy Digital Downloads and lets you sell subscription download packages to your members. This allows the members to have a set number of free downloads each subscription period based on their subscription level. This is great for sites that want to offer a fixed number of downloads to their members, like stock photography sites do. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Setting it up
To include free downloads as part of your subscription plans in your Easy Digital Downloads powered store, you need to define the number of downloads members receive with their subscriptions. To do that, go to Restrict → Subscription Levels, and add a new subscription level or edit an existing one. From there, you will see an option to define the number of downloads allowed.

Restrict Content Pro - EDD Member Downloads - Add new level screen
The Downloads Allowed option on the subscription level add/edit screen.

Once you’ve set everything up, save the subscription level. That’s all there is to setting it up!

How it works
When a member with a download-enabled subscription visits an EDD product page, the Add to Cart button will turn into a Download button to indicate to the member that the item is available for download. When the member clicks the Download button, the file attached to the product is automatically downloaded.

Restrict Content Pro - EDD Member Downloads - Cart button override
A download button is shown to members with a membership that allows downloads, as long as his or her download limit has not been reached.

Behind the scenes, a payment is recorded in EDD for the amount of $0 and added to the member’s account. A note is added to the payment record to indicate that it was created due to the member downloading the item allowed by their membership.

A note is added to the $0 payment record, to show that the payment was created due to the member downloading the item allowed by their membership.
A note is added to the $0 payment record, to show that the payment was created due to the member downloading the item allowed by their membership.

This creates a record for both you and the member, and it allows the member to visit the product page and/or the EDD Purchase History page later to download the item again if needed.

For more information about how it works, please see the EDD Member Downloads documentation.

How can I get it?
EDD Member Downloads is available today to all active license holders. If you already have a license, you can download it from your account dashboard. If you don’t yet have a license, what are you waiting for? Get one today!

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  1. Hi Pippin,

    This is what I’ve been asking and waiting for! So happy it’s live 🙂

    I had a question though, I don’t use PayPal as a processor, I use 2checkout.

    Would my customers be able to purchase a subscription through 2checkout for a membership in restrictcontentpro? I run a digital products store, and always wanted to be able to have a membership option that works with my gateway (2checkout) and be able offer a set amount of products for each membership level.

    Also are we able to exclude certain products from being downloaded for members. For example, I have bundle packages, so they are a lot more valuable and are worth more than “1 download” since they are usually 5-10 products bundled. Is there anyway around this?


    1. Hi Mozie,

      Yes, it works with 2Checkout. Right now, there’s not an option to exclude certain products, but it’s something we’ll be adding in the next update. Bundles are not supported yet, so your bundle package will not be downloadable. It must be purchased.

      1. OK thanks for your reply. I look forward to that update. Some of my products are higher value and would need to be excluded. I’m interested in the lifetime version. No specials or coupons running at the moment? 🙂

  2. Great plug-in.Thanks.How about if I have only free products (0 $) and I want to give
    100 per each subscription level.When they reach 100 downloads it will still allow them to add to cart the free products. Is there a way to avoid that and when they reach the download limit to send them to renew their membership plan?
    Thank you!

  3. Awesome, any chance this could be limited to a product category or a specific vendor using the marketplace bundle. So for example a record label or music club could allow subscription access to a particular artist or category, allowing fans/followers to download a set number of items per month.

    Also it’d be ace if the download frequency wasn’t tied to the subscription frequency, so in the above example, a fan could be charged for yearly access, but get fewer downloads that reset monthly. It would be great to encourage more engagement (fans come back more often) but keep the payments really simple and easy to sell (for e.g. $12/yr is easier & more efficient as a sale than $1/month, with only one processing fee) just some thoughts.

  4. Hi thanks for your reply. I am currently using woocommerce and planning to use Restrict Content Pro for my another educational videos (will be using Post or Pages to display them, not woocommerce). Is that mean there will be two payment gateway? Woocommerce and Restrict Content Pro? Will the two payment gateways work together without conflict?

    If i purchase a Personal license now, can i upgrade this license to Ultimate later on?

    1. Jane, sorry I forgot to answer your other questions. WooCommerce and Restrict Content Pro have their own separate payment gateways. They work just fine and will not conflict with each other.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, John.

        I’d also love to see this work with EDD commissions where admins can set a separate flat rate that goes to vendors for member downloads. An example would be sites like shutterstock/istockphoto where the vendor is awarded either a percentage of the sale or a smaller, flat fee if the customer downloads the product through a membership.

        What are you thoughts on adding something like this?



        1. Hey Mike, we’ll have to give that some consideration and see how people are using the integration. Adding another set of options for Commissions based on whether or not the product was purchased or downloaded via a subscription will add some complexity to the picture, and for now I’d prefer we keep it simple until there’s more real world usage.

          1. Thanks for the info, John.

            One more follow-up to this – Is there any way to adjust a member’s number of downloads remaining? Say for example if a member was unhappy with a product they downloaded and wants that download credit back.

          2. Hey Mike, not at this time. How do you plan on handling that flow? Just doing a refund? If so, that’s something we could probably add in the next update.

  5. variable price options not support in edd member download can you help me to solve that issue..plz

    1. Hi, we’re aware of that and it’s noted in our documentation that at this time we do not support variable price options. It’s something we’re considering for the future though.

  6. Hey John,

    Replying to your previous comment about handling a customer refund for a member download – Yes, I would most likely refund the $0.00 purchase receipt that gets created and manually add a note to the log as a reminder. In that instance, I think adding 1 download back to the customer would be appropriate.



  7. I’m getting up to speed with all of the various WordPress membership plugins out there and I have to say I’m most impressed with Restrict Content Pro and EDD. This newest feature is especially interesting. I’m launching a Stock Photography Subscription website and this looks great!

    I’m curious though, I want to have an unlimited downloads subscription level that gives the customer access to every digital download on my site for as long as their a subscriber. I’m sure I can just set the download limit to an extremely high number, but will the customer have any indication that it’s not technically unlimited? Thanks.

    1. Hi Andy!

      Setting it to a really high number would work fine. Customers do not currently see how many they have left.

  8. Hi Pippin,
    thank you very much for the genius work on all plugins!
    What i am wondering about:

    Would it be easy to add the possibility to have a subscription plan for 12 months, whereby a user gets to download 5 items only per month, instead of all 60 items in 1 month at once, ?

    It seems such a usefull thing to have….

    1. Lesley,

      As long as the subscription renewed once per month, you could limit it in that way. The download limit is associated with the billing period, so if you want to have 5 downloads per month, you will need to set it as a monthly subscription.

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