Per-Level Emails pro add-on

Introducing the Per-Level Emails add-on

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the Per-Level Emails add-on. This Pro add-on allows you to customize the notification emails for each individual membership level.

As you probably already know, Restrict Content Pro allows you to set up notification emails in Restrict > Settings > Emails. You can configure notifications for after a membership is activated, cancelled, expired, and more. However, the same email is sent to all customers, regardless of their membership level.

Our new Per-Level Emails pro add-on allows you to override these emails for each membership level, thus sending customers with a Bronze membership a different email than customers with a Gold membership.

Once installed, navigate to Restrict > Membership Levels, hover over a membership level, and you’ll see a new link for “Configure Emails“.

Link to "Configure Emails" on the Membership Levels table
Link to “Configure Emails” on the Membership Levels table

Clicking this link will take you to a new page dedicated to the notification emails for the “Bronze” membership level.

UI for customizing emails for the Bronze membership level
Customizing emails for the Bronze membership level

All of the notification emails relevant to the membership level will be shown on the page. Any that are configured will use new email contents specifically for this level. In the above screenshot you can see that a new subject and message has been filled out for the “Paid Membership Activation Email”. That means customers who have a Bronze membership will receive the custom Bronze email instead of the global default email.

Per-Level Emails is available today to all Professional and Ultimate license holders. It can be downloaded from your account dashboard. Don’t have a Professional or Ultimate license? Get one today! If you have the Personal or Plus license, you can upgrade from your account dashboard and you’ll only pay the difference.

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  1. Hey Ashley, this is a fantastic add-on, especially for those of us who are planning to have different coaching membership levels which require different emails based on the content each level provides. I’m seriously considering moving my coaching membership over to RCP, it’s currently running on Digital Access Pass, but it’s very expensive per month, and I do currently have a ultimate license with RCP. Is there any chance of a JVZoo integration in future?

    1. Hi @mozie!

      We do not currently have any plans for a JVZoo integration, sorry.

  2. Thank you for the update and the new add-on!

    We have put a lot of work into customizing our emails, and it took us a few days and trials to get them just right.

    When activating this new add-on, will all the content from our customized default emails be copied over to the new level emails? Or, do we have to start all over customizing that specific membership level emails?

    1. When the add-on is activated, nothing immediately changes. Your existing global email settings remain exactly as they are. The new settings for each membership level start out blank, which means they all fall back to using the existing global ones. If you want to customize the emails for a membership level and use your existing ones as a starting point, you’ll have to manually copy and paste those contents over.

  3. Thank you for this new add-on.

    Here’s a big ask: would you consider expanding your list of templates covered to include those for Expiry Reminders, and Renewal Reminders?

    1. We’ll consider that for sometime in the future. The logic for changing those is quite different though, which is why it’s not available right now.

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