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Member Spotlight Shines on Super EZ Forex

Developing your business website will be unique to your industry, your brand, and your target. But even when we are on different paths, we can learn from the journeys of those around us.

Our new series of Membership Spotlights allows you to see how others are putting Restrict Content Pro to work in their businesses so you can get inspired. This week, the spotlight shines on Super EZ Forex. We spoke to Patrick, known to his clients as Uncle P, about the website and his business.

Super EZ Forex

About Super EZ Forex

Super EZ Forex is a leader in the Forex (Currency Markets) industry. Super Easy Forex provides downloadable software for financial information, investment, trading, and financial risk modeling. The software is useful for trading strategies that can be used to make profits in the Forex market every month.

Like many other online businesses, the website of Super EZ Forex is the central hub of business. Their clients purchase software through their website and then have the ability to log back in and go through educational video tutorials to learn how to use the software.

A factor that helps them stand out is their cost is far cheaper than many other companies in their market space. They also go far above what they offer through our live weekly classes offering ongoing education at no additional cost to ensure their clients understand the markets and how to use their software to their advantage.

“We receive compliments on a weekly basis from our clients for our team’s relentless efforts to provide quality service and to really make sure that they are receiving the results they were looking for.”

TIP: You don’t have to be a computer programmer or a digital designer to make it work for you.

Behind the Curtain: Meet Uncle P, Super EZ Forex

I am a husband, dad, speaker, investor, trainer to clients around the world. I used to be a teacher. But have always worked as an entrepreneur in the markets, real estate, and other business ventures. 

When it comes to website development, I know enough to understand it, but more importantly, I know enough to know who to look for when hiring a web developer. 

What makes me unique to the industry is my ability to be blunt, brutally honest about my failures and how to recover, and my genuine love and care for people to succeed. I once was a multi-millionaire who lost everything and had to find my way back from scratch. So, failure is something I know very clearly. But I also know it’s not the end unless you deem it so yourself.  

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How Restrict Content Pro Works For Super EZ Forex

While working with my web team, we found that RCP offered technology that was necessary to catapult our website to a level that was very user-friendly for both our staff and client base. 

We utilize RCP mostly to manage our monthly subscription service.  It allows both the client and our staff to manage the back office with ease seamlessly. 

The integration with a WordPress website makes the RCP platform valuable for us. Our website team said RCP would be beneficial for the features we needed to run our business. 

HINT: When you know your unique qualities and specific design, you can be bold in pursuit of your goals. Know you.

Where Super EZ Forex Goes From Here

We currently donate money to non-profit organizations around the world such as the ASPCA, Invisible People (Homeless), Food for the Poor, Unheard Cries ( Starvation in Yemen, Ethiopia, and other countries around the world. Our goal is to continue to grow as a profitable company so that we can continue to donate to these companies the other dozen non-profit organizations we support. Secondly, to help others find the success they are looking for so that they can have the same impact in their communities. We do not have to always wait for the government to do some things that we can do ourselves to help our fellow man.

When I lost everything, I was one week away from being evicted from my 7000 sq ft home with my daughter. We were one week away from being homeless. But the grace of God helped us and that did not take place at the last minute. However, that experience has guided my judgment ever since for people who were not as fortunate. People ask me questions today about many subjects, but if that would have taken place, no one would have even cared what my name was. They would have walked right past my daughter not knowing my potential and that we simply fell on a hard break in life. I cannot forget about others who are out there being forgotten and mistreated because I was almost one of them. Success to me means success for everyone. 

Success to me means success for everyone. 

– Uncle P

Advice From Super EZ Forex

“Care. Do not make it all about the money and profits. Care for the people. Human capital is your best asset.”

Now It’s Your Turn

When we learn from each other then we are better positioned to build success. Super EZ Forex has found its way to make Restrict Content Pro benefit their business and their customers. How will you make it work?

Will you share your RCP journey?  We are still looking for websites to shine the spotlight on each week.

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