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Are you ready to change the world? With one subscription at a time (and one flower at a time), you can use Restrict Content Pro to get it done.

Monday Membership Spotlight allows you to see how others are putting Restrict Content Pro to work in their businesses and now in helping others.

This week the spotlight shines on

A little about uBloom:

We heard from J Schwanke about what he is doing and where he is going with the website:

I owned and operated my Family business until 1994… when I decided to go out on my own and be a freelance flower designer and educator. I worked in a Wholesale House in Atlanta for 2 years… and was the Creative Floral Director for the John Henry Company- for 20 years (I created the flower content for the books you might see in a flower shop- that help you make flower selections) … then I started in 2006… my own web-based Flower Education Resource- originally it was for the Professional Florist- but today it has evolved to be an educational resource for anyone that loves flowers- or wants to arrange flowers![pullquote]Make the time to make a personal connection to everyone[/pullquote]

Why I’m Unique

  • 4th Generation Florist- Born at Flower Convention- I’ve given Flower Presentations in all 50 states-(1000s of presentations) and many foreign countries… 
  • I’m the Flower Expert- I know LOVE Flowers – and have spent my life Surrounded by them… I have a National TV Show about Flowers – “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” on Public Television and Create TV Network that reaches 88 million households weekly. I love what I do… it’s all about the FLOWERS!
  • My Willingness to Share- tips, tricks, hints, or “Secrets”- there are truly no secrets – but I’m all about sharing information, education, and inspiration… I’m approachable, and I make it fun to learn more about flowers – My Job- is to empower EVERYONE – so they can feel like a pro – when it comes to flower arranging! [pullquote]Feel like a pro – when it comes to flower arranging! [/pullquote]
  • My ability to communicate, educate and entertain- I’m truly the Flower Expert, and I’m willing to share… that’s a bit unheard of in my industry- from the professional side- many feel there are TRADE SECRETS that shouldn’t be shared… but I believe that everyone loves FLOWERS- so anyone should be empowered to give it a try- and hopefully be inspired to succeed!

Customer Thoughts:

You are so kind- and made me feel like you WANTED Me to succeed- I felt Empowered and I was able to create my own Beautiful Flower Arrangement!

Behind the Curtain

I created the FIRST Web-based TV Show about Arranging Flowers- and that has been my specific niché  – there are lots of Garden Shows- and Garden Blogs- but not so many when it comes to SPECIFICALLY Arranging Flowers- or content dedicated to Cut Flowers- 

I’m a 4th Generation Florist- that was actually born at Flower Convention- so I’ve lived my entire life in the Flower Industry- which positioned me NEATLY for being The Flower Expert!

When it comes to the internet, I consider myself a beginner, but the reality is that venturing into the world of web-based TV forced me to become an expert in some aspects. I was a forerunner, so there wasn’t much information at the start.

How Restrict Content Pro Works For Us

I knew I wanted a subscription-based service. It was suggested to me by my technical support company, Up and Running – Tim Chamness, and it was a perfect fit. I trust Up and Running to be the experts, and they have never let me down! They found RCP, and it is the best solution for what I wanted.

It was great it didn’t cost a fortune to integrate it with my website and that it works – day in and day out – without INCIDENT. It’s always up and running (to coin a phrase).

The best thing about RCP is that I never have to worry about it. That is a huge reward.

The most useful feature is the discounts. During the pandemic, discounts allowed me to offer FREE subscriptions to educators across the country that were struggling with ON-LINE learning. I was able to become a helper to them.

The one thing missing from RCP would be the flowers. Can you blame me, I’m a flower expert.

Where We Go From Here

One flower at a time – one subscription at a time – we’ll start to change the world.

I have a profound talent with flowers and a huge passion for flowers. I need to share my passion with everyone – but on their schedule. RCP provides my customers with a flawless experience when they are ready. 

My goal is to reach 1 million subscribers, and I know that with RCP, it’s possible. The struggle to attract subscribers is real, so my only wish with RCP is there was an easier way to promote and bring awareness to 

Once our customers find us, the RCP experience makes the subscription process painless, easy, and user-friendly.

Moving forward, I’m hopeful that when people watch my show on Public Television or Create TV, then they will be inspired to try flowers and then to stop by the website. I want them to feel inspired and empowered so much that they will subscribe for a month or two (or even a year). As they get more familiar with flowers, they will find that flowers improve our lives.

  • Flowers make us feel happier
  • Flowers reduce depression
  • Flowers reduce arguments
  • Flowers make us feel better

Our Advice:

Be kind. Share like there is no tomorrow. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Realize that everyone is on their own journey. 

Remember to be kind . . . and it’s ALL about the flowers.

Now It’s Your Turn

When we learn from each other, then we are better positioned to build success. uBloom has found a way to bloom where it’s planted with the help of Restrict Content Pro. How will you make it work?

Will you share your RCP journey?  We are still looking for websites to shine the spotlight on each Monday. 

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