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Today, we are releasing Restrict Content Pro 3.4.2 as a number of issues have been fixed from the 3.4 release. As with any plugin that enables the ability to have a wide range of membership models, we may see bugs from time to time. Luckily in this case, these bugs were all minor and specific to certain issues. Let’s get right into it.

Translation Updates

If you are translating RCP to French or Spanish, we have a number of updates to the translation files that you will appreciate. Thank you to our international customers for reporting and fixing these for us.

Sites with many membership levels

We heard from a number of that when you had a large number of active memberships they were not all showing up. We’ve addressed that by adding a new filter. While we did that, we also added a couple more. We’ll talk more about those in the next section.

New Filters

We are introducing 3 new filters that you can use as it relates to showing and ordering your membership levels.


If you have more than 20 active membership levels and need to display them in the registration form, you will need to add this filter to your site’s custom plugin or theme’s functions.php.

function aj_add_membership_levels() {
  return 30;
add_filter('rcp_get_membership_levels_default_number', 'aj_add_membership_levels';


This filter allows you to change the order in which the membership levels are returned. There are several options that can be used with this filter including:

  • id
  • name
  • duration
  • trial_duration
  • maximum_renewals
  • list_order
  • level
  • status
  • date_created
  • date_modified
function aj_change_membership_levels_orderby() {
  return 'duration';
add_filter('rcp_get_membership_levels_default_orderby', 'aj_change_membership_levels_orderby');


This filter will allow users to change the order in which the orderby is returned for example:

  • ASC
  • DESC
function aj_get_membership_levels_default_order() {
  return ASC;
add_action('rcp_get_membership_levels_default_order', 'aj_get_membership_levels_default_order');

Database Fixes

If you happened to be updating from RCP 2.6.16 or earlier version you might have noticed issues with the database. Those have been fixed. Specifically, it related to making sure that we had some database columns included.

Licensing Updates

As we continue to move towards iThemes Licensing, one of the things that was providing confusion for new RCP users was the need for a license key. With iThemes licensing, you do not need to enter a license key, so we took that field and the notice away. Instead, if you are looking to register your site to get updates, you need to go to Tools > iThemes Licensing.

Wrapping Up

You’ll find the update when you login to your site and click on Dashboard > Updates. And of course you can download the latest version any time by visiting the iThemes Member dashboard.

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AJ Morris

About the author: AJ brings over two decades of experience working on and developing membership sites with a wide range of clients.

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  1. Thank you for informing us of the changes, especially the translation items as we have French customers too.

    We really appreciate blog updates such as this one with every release!

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