New: Restrict Content Pro v3.4 and Group Accounts v2.2 Released

Today, we’re excited to release Restrict Content Pro version 3.4 and Group Accounts 2.2. Both of these releases give you a number of exciting features including: the ability to toggle auto renew off and on with Stripe, a new payments importer tool, new logging functionality, the ability to have discounts apply to signup fees, a bug fix related to renewal expiration dates, and more.

New in Restrict Content Pro 3.4

There are a number of features that we already covered in our beta release post. We won’t cover them all here again, but one that I really want to highlight is that discounts can now be optionally applied to signup fees.

Discounts can now optionally be applied to signup fees

Previously, discounts were never applied to signup fees. This meant that if you had a membership level that cost $19.99/month with a $50 signup fee and you had a discount of 50%, it would only be applied to the $19.99. The total price would then be $60, using this calculation:

($19.99 / 2) + $50

With the latest version we’re introducing a new setting that allows you to change this behavior.

When enabled, discounts will be applied after signup fees are added, which means in the previous example the total amount due would be $35, using this calculation:

($19.99 + $50) / 2

I’m most excited for this feature as this options up a unique pricing option where you can have a 1st month price be higher than subsequent months. This could look like pay $497 today and then $67/month for the next 4 months. We’ve seen this pricing model for lifetime subscriptions, courses, or even with lifetime plugin sales.

Bug fix: expiration dates when manually renewing an active membership

We don’t usually highlight bug fixes, but this one is something a lot of people have been asking for quite some time. If someone had a non-recurring active membership, then manually renewed but this time chose to auto renew, their expiration date would be recalculated from today instead of extended. For example:

Let’s say “today” is September 8th, 2020. A customer has a monthly membership due to expire on September 30th 2020. They choose to manually renew and select auto renew. Previously, their new expiration date would be set to October 8th 2020 (today + one month). This wasn’t ideal because it meant the customer technically lost time they’d previously paid for. In version 3.4, the customer will be billed for the renewal today, but their expiration date will be extended to October 30th 2020 (existing expiration date + one month).

Unfortunately we weren’t able to add this fix to all payment gateways. The following gateways received this fix:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Express
  • Braintree
  • Manual gateway (not applicable because it doesn’t support auto renew, but it still works here)

Full Changelog for Restrict Content Pro 3.4

  • Fix: WooCommerce Products can be incorrectly restricted if a user hasn’t verified their email address.
  • New: Added new actions hooks to Membership page before and after payments table
    • ‘rcp_membership_details_before_payments’
    • ‘rcp_membership_details_after_payments’
  • Fix: Able to save invalid configuration with 0 duration and payment plan.
  • New: Introduced action hook that runs after membership is updated via admin.
    • ‘rpc_after_membership_admin_update’
  • New: Created new filter on price for RCP Group Accounts User Specified Count Quantity
  • Fix: Removed ‘ba-bbq’ library to fix Javascript error in WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: Some columns were missing from Membership Levels after updating from 2.x to 3.4.
  • Improvement: Update to Danish Translation.
  • Fix: Polish Currency Code formatting
  • Fix: Bulk actions don’t work when using non-English languages.
  • Improvement: Option to apply discounts to signup fees
  • Improvement: Move Membership Level to BerlinDB
  • Fix: Incorrect expiration date when renewing an existing membership.
  • Improvement: Update to French Translation
  • Improvement: Update some BerlinDB bas classes
  • New: Add ability to toggle auto renew off/on [Stripe]
  • Improvement: Add ability to export all members at once.
  • Fix: Unable to save backslashes in the databases
  • New: Logs Table
  • New: Add payments importer tool
  • Improvement: Stop using ‘000-00-00 00:00:00’ as default date values
  • Improvement: Add database table version numbers to system info file
  • New: Add Component Registry
  • Fix: CSS was removed in order to remove the breaking style from admin pages.
  • Fix: use “jQuery” instead of “$”.
  • Improvement: %member_id% template tag description change
  • Improvement: Capitalize first letter in card brand on the update card form page.
  • Improvement: [rcp_update_card] shortcode did not work with editing multiple memberships.

Group Accounts 2.2

We’re also excited to announce the release of Group Accounts version 2.2. This includes a big improvement to the group accounts capabilities.

Group Accounts now supports per-seat pricing. This allows membership site owners to create group pricing based on seat vs paying a fixed price for a specific number of seats.

You can find these settings when you are creating or editing a member level:

Full Changelog for Group Accounts 2.2

  • New: Added the Ability to export groups
  • Improvement: Default email contents are set for Group Invite Email
  • Improvement: Added support for user-specified seat count quantity

Upgrading to RCP Version 3.4 and Group Accounts 2.2

Version 3.4 of Restrict Content Pro and Group Accounts Version 2.2 are available today. They can be updated directly from the Plugins page for all customers with a valid RCP or iThemes license. If you don’t have a license yet or need to renew a license, head on over to the pricing page to purchase or renew your license.

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