The new Restrict Content Pro New features, new add-ons, new pricing

More than four years ago, Restrict Content Pro was introduced to the world. A lot has changed since then and today I would like to tell you about what we have been working on for the last few months.

Version 2.5 released

After many months of development, Restrict Content Pro version 2.5 has been released and it introduces several significantly important features.

Subscription Upgrades

Members now have the option to upgrade or change their subscription at any time from their account page. Subscription changes are automatically prorated based on what the member has already paid.

Your Memberships

During an upgrade or subscription change, the cost of the upgrade and the new recurring amounts are shown on the purchase page, giving your members complete confidence in what they are purchasing.

Upgrade Costs

Better pricing and discount display

In version 2.5, we have added new display options to the registration form that will show customers the exact price details of their membership and any discounts they are receiving from proration credits, signup discounts, and discount codes. This helps make it crystal clear to your customers how much they are paying now and later.

Registration Costs

Stripe Checkout

Checkout is a system provided by Stripe that offers one of the best web and mobile payment flows available. Restrict Content Pro 2.5 includes complete support for Stripe Checkout, allowing your customers to pay with a debit or credit card through the Stripe Checkout flow.

Stripe Checkout

We have added support for including the Stripe Checkout option on the standard registration form and also as a standalone payment form that automatically registers an account when the payment is submitted.

You can now add the [register_form_stripe] shortcode to any page on your site and a payment button will be displayed. Clicking on it will open a payment form and once the form is submitted, the customer’s subscription account will be automatically created.

Stripe Checkout Button Stripe Checkout Form

The Stripe Checkout flow allows you to create an exceptionally simple registration process without requiring customers to fill out long forms that make the process more difficult and likely to be abandoned.

Other notable improvements

Included in Restrict Content Pro 2.5 are other numerous improvements and several bug fixes. The primary improvements that you will notice are:

  • Refund reports. In Restrict > Reports, there is now a Refunds tab that shows a graph of refunded payments.
  • Improved payment history on member Edit screens. It is now easy to navigate between members and their payment records.
  • New shortcodes for showing membership details to the logged in user:
    • [subscription_id] – displays a member’s subscription ID
    • [subscription_name] – displays the name of a member’s subscription level
    • [user_expiration] – displays a member’s subscription expiration date
  • Category level restriction options now support custom taxonomies from other plugins, such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and others.

New professional add-ons

Along with the new version release for Restrict Content Pro, we are thrilled to introduce a new series of professional add-ons today. These add-on plugins extend Restrict Content Pro’s feature set, making it more powerful and more valuable to site owners.

Hard-set Expiration Dates

With the Hard-set Expiration Dates add-on, site administrators can assign expiration dates to subscription levels, making it so that all members subscribed to that level expire on a specific date.

Custom Redirects

The Custom Redirects add-on allows site owners to configure custom redirect URLs for each subscription level for registration and log in events. This means that members can be directed to specific pages on your website when logging in and registering accounts based on the subscription level assigned to their account.

Help Scout

Help Scout is one of the premier help desk systems for individuals and teams that need to manage customer support through phone, email, and live chat. The Help Scout add-on integrates Restrict Content Pro with Help Scout and displays customer membership information from your website inside of the help desk, making it easier for your support team to manage customer accounts.

Math Verification

The Math Verification add-on allows site owners to display a simple math problem on the registration form to protect against spam accounts. Previously this add-on was a premium plugin that had to be purchased separately. Today we have rolled it into the Professional and Ultimate level licenses so it is available free of charge to customers that hold those license levels.


This add-on provides a complete RESTful API that allows for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.

Available to Professional and Ultimate license holders

These Professional add-ons are all available to customers who hold a Professional or Ultimate license to Restrict Content Pro, and they can be downloaded from your account page.

New pricing and hassle-free renewals

We have adjusted our pricing slightly today and also introduced a new lifetime purchase option that never needs to be renewed. As of today, the pricing for Restrict Content Pro is as follows:

  • Personal license – $49
  • Plus license – $99
  • Professional license – $199 (includes access to Professional add-ons)
  • Ultimate license – $449 (includes access to Professional add-ons and never expires)

All license options except for Ultimate are a yearly subscription that will renew automatically each year until cancelled. The Ultimate license is a lifetime license that never expires and never needs to be renewed. It provides support, updates, and access to add-ons for life.

There are three significant advantages to these adjustments.

First, all customers can get hassle-free renewals so you no longer need to worry about renewing your license to keep the plugins up to date and retain access to support. We will handle it all for you. And if you do want to manually renew or wish to stop using the plugin, you can cancel at any time from your account page.

Second, all Professional and Ultimate license holders get free access to all current and future Professional add-ons. This is a tremendous value that super powers Restrict Content Pro.

Third, if you are an agency, run a lot of sites, or simply never want to worry about renewing or managing a subscription, the Ultimate license lets you get access to all plugins and support for life!

We are thrilled to have all of these updates live and we look forward to hearing from you if you have questions or comments. Do you have a Personal license and wish to upgrade to Professional or Ultimate to get access to the new add-ons? Simply visit your account page to upgrade.

Note, if you previously purchased Restrict Content Pro from, your account has been migrated to this site. Simply reset your password with the email address you used to purchase the plugin to regain access. Having trouble? Contact support.


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  1. Awesome features! Question, will any of these cause an issue with themes used? As you know from previous support tickets some of us are using ThemeForest themes with RCP.

        1. Will the new version be pushed down to our sites and automatically updated? Or will we have to purchase/install the new version? Either way I’m going for it. Looks great!

          1. You should see an update notification on your plugins page that will let you install it with a single click.

  2. I don’t recall the amount being charged “today” being on that page before, could be the issue…

    1. That is new. See the details described in the blog post above. It’s explained there.

      You may want to adjust a few styles in your theme for that. Or, if you really want to, it can be disabled but I would not recommend that. If you need assistance, reach out to the support team for assistance:

      1. Ok, can I make a suggestion? Instead of showing the “description” which could be pretty long in some cases, just show the name of the upgrade or downgrade, and the dollar amount being charged on checkout? Anyone who has a long description of that plan will have this issue I think. Thoughts? Or maybe add option to turn on/off description on the checkout.

        1. Thanks for the feedback!

          We’ve found that in the vast majority of cases, subscription levels have very short descriptions of less than 10 words, but you’re absolutely right that in cases where it is long, it can cause display issues. We’ll work on improving that.

  3. Here is example of what I mean (below). On the register page, the user already sees the description of that specific plan where the button is checked (above the payment form). So, why should the long description again in the “amount” summary? It’s showing them a long description twice basically. I would think everyone would include a fairly lengthly description for conversions.

    1. Thanks. We’re going to look at improving that right away. You could easily hide it with a little CSS for now.

          1. On it. If I copy and paste this exact file as written, will that remove the description for me? Or do I need to speak Code to modify it (I know just enough to break it severely lol).

  4. Noticed one more thing, maybe it’s not big deal. I have a test user with expired membership. When you go in to view subscription, it shows two options. “Renew” or “Upgrade”. Wondering if you can make it so one or the other shows to cancelled accounts. They do the same thing and it could be confusing to someone who expired after a year. Both send the user to Register page regardless 🙂

  5. So if “active” show the upgrade option. If expired show “renew” and they can pick a plan accordingly.

  6. Actually, sorry. If the user is “active” show the option to “cancel” or “upgrade or change”? If the user is “cancelled” show the renew option. Still need ability to self cancel obviously.

    1. Can you go ahead and open a support ticket for us? It’ll be easier to assist you there.

      1. Hey Pippen…one more quick question..

        When customers register through the [register_form_stripe] payment button, will they receive an e-mail with their username and password for logging in?

        1. They will not but they will be automatically logged in, at which point they can change their password.

          1. Sounds good. Will this option automatically create a username for them? Maybe their first name, or e-mail address?

  7. Great update! How I wish this plugin would integrate with EDD. Is there a possibility that the proration or upgrading part is also added to the content restriction extension for EDD?

    In any case, this is looking really good!

      1. Hey Pippin – I logged into my wp-admin today…the option to update RCP isn’t showing up. It showed up yesterday, but didn’t click update, was going to do that this morning.

        I still have version 2.4.11…do you know how I can get v2.5?

        Thanks again!

        1. We’ve seen a few cases of that. Could you open a support ticket for us and provide a copy of your license key so we can look it up?

  8. Great update! Pippin, do you have planned to add the capability to leave the restricted content, open to GoogleBot?
    We had in the past a very well indexed site. From October, 2015 we have put under restriction a relevant part of our posts, and we have noticed that now Google assigns to our site less space and less search results.
    There is at least one competitor of “Restrict Content Pro” that recognizes GoogleBot, we believe this is an important feature to add. Thanks.

    1. It’s a feature we’ve considered but there is a fundamental flaw to it: the moment you allow Google (and other search engines) to index the site, you completely mitigate the point of the content being restricted to members. It’s trivial to access indexed content in Google. That would allow anyone to easily access all restricted content on your site without ever needing a membership.

      1. Hi Pippin,
        I just founded this post and your reply.
        I use RCP and I would like to open protected posts to Googlebot. I know the risk you described. But if somebody will read my protected posts without pay for it, the loss is very small – compared to the loss if my posts are not completely indexed by Google. So I assume this risk… How could I ask RCP to let Googlebot pass through ?
        Thanks in advance

  9. Pippin, great stuff.

    One question: Does an auto email get sent out to THE USER and ADMIN to notify that someone has DOWNGRADED or UPGRADED their subscription ?

    What does that email look like ?


    1. No, not at this time. Customers will receive the standard registration welcome email.

      1. What will the ADMIN get ? Since our business revolves around SERVICE and the level of membership really matters, then how do we recognize that this customer UPGRADED or Downgraded.. ?


        1. They will receive the same email they receive on new account registrations. At this time we have not added custom emails for upgrades and downgrades.

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