New! A Better Way to Upsell Paywall Content & Memberships from Free Content

What if your blog posts could help you sell more subscriptions and memberships every day? Well, the Restrict Content Pro plugin just got updated with a new built-in way for you to upsell content you offer behind a paywall, subscription, or membership.

With the new Content Upgrades Redirect Block in Restrict Content Pro, you can make it simple for visitors to buy a membership or subscription from your free content. Plus, you can provide a stellar customer experience from free content to paid.

How the Content Upgrade Redirect Block Helps You Upsell From Your Free Content: A Big Button With Custom Redirects!

A good strategy to convert visitors to paying customers is to use high-quality free content to highlight a related piece of content behind a pay-wall. For example, you can highlight a membership that would give them access to a webinar or video where you dive deeper into the same subject.

A free blog post is a great way to introduce your visitors to a new subject. Ideally, free content accomplishes three things:

  1. Provides your readers with valuable information to increase their understanding of a topic.
  2. Highlights your expertise on the subject matter.
  3. Converts site visitors to paying customers.

Providing quality free content not only adds value for existing customers, but it is also a great way to get the attention of potential new customers. You just need an easy way to highlight a related piece of content behind a pay-wall from your free content.

Unfortunately, registering your new customer and getting them back to the content they want can be clunky. Making your customers dig through a catalog of content or backtrack in their browser to find the content that got them to upgrade can create a bad first impression.

A Better Customer Experience When Upselling

At the end of the day, we all want a frustration-free purchase experience for our members.

The good news is that Restrict Content Pro’s new built-in Content Upgrades Redirect Block adds a better way to create an upsell button that will send your new customers to a page of your choosing after they register for a membership. Using the Content Upgrade Redirect block, you can direct new customers to the upgraded content after registration. Success!

To make sure you can start using these buttons today, the block is super easy to add and configure. With a simple settings panel, you can customize the login and registration redirect URLs so your customers get the experience you want them to have.

To get access to the new button, you’ll just need to make sure you’re running Restrict Content Pro v3.5.8+. Current Restrict Content Pro, Plugin Suite & Toolkit/Agency Bundle customers will find version 3.5.8 of the Restrict Content Pro plugin available as an automatic update from your WordPress dashboard or as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel. Save time by updating all your sites at once from the iThemes Sync dashboard.

Not seeing the Restrict Content Pro 3.5.8 update in your WordPress dashboard? Make sure you have licensed your plugin and that your Restrict Content Pro subscription hasn’t expired. Need to renew your Restrict Content Pro Subscription? Renew now from the iThemes Member Panel.

How to Make A Stellar Upsell Experience With the Content Upgrade Redirect Block in Restrict Content Pro

To get started with Content Upgrade Redirects in Restrict Content Pro, add the block to any page or post on your website that needs a stellar upsell button. You’ll find the Content Upgrade Redirect Block in the block library in a new section for Restrict Content Pro blocks. You can also add it by searching “Content Upgrade Redirect” from the Block inserter icon, “+”.

After adding the Content Upgrade Redirect block, you’ll see it is composed of two familiar blocks, the button and paragraph blocks used by the WordPress Block Editor.

Click on the button to add your custom text. Just remember that buttons are built for strong calls to action, like “Buy Now” or “Join now!”

Beneath the button, customize the paragraph text. This text is designed to be a simple link for existing members, telling them where to log in. For example, “Already a member? Log in here.”

To the right of your screen, you can access all the block settings. Using the block settings panel, you can customize the look and feel of both the button and paragraph blocks to your heart’s content.

Fine-Tune Your Customer Experience with Custom URL Redirects

Now let’s take a deeper look a the settings for the Content Upgrade Redirect block.

When you click on the Content Upgrade block itself in the editor, you’ll see additional settings to customize these 3 places you want people to land after clicking the button itself or the paragraph text below it:

  • Where to buy/register (when they click the button)
  • For existing members, where to log in (linked from paragraph text below the button)
  • Where they ultimately end up after they buy/register or login

In the settings panel for the block, you’ll see custom fields for 3 different URLs for the Content Upgrades Block:

  1. Registration Button URL – This is where people buy/register a membership on your site. When people click the button, they will go to this page to join or buy. This setting will default to the Registration Page setting you have set up in the Restrict Content Pro General Settings. However, you can use this URL to go to any page or post on your site.
  2. Login Text URL – Beneath the button, the paragraph text automatically provides a link where existing members go to login. The Login Page setting will default to the Account Page set in the Restrict Content Pro General Settings. However, you can use the URL to any page or post on your site.
  3. Redirect Destination URL – The Redirect Destination URL setting is really the best part of the new block. This is where you want your customers to land after they register or log in from the block, like the location of the members-only content they just bought.

Example: Selling a Beginner’s Guitar Course From Blog Post

Now that we have configured the Content Upgrade Redirect block, let’s see it in action.

In the example below, a website that sells online guitar lessons shares a few free tips that are useful to new guitar players in a blog post with the strategy of upselling visitors to a beginner’s guitar course.

The last tip on the post and the Content Upgrade Redirect highlights the beginner-level guitar course that would be perfect for anyone reading this post.

To customize the upsell section a bit more and add even more visual interest, we wanted to add an image to the right of the upsell offer/button.

A simple way to do this is to add Kadence Blocks to your site to add even more design options for Gutenberg. Simply insert a Kadence Row block then a Kadence Image Overlay block next to the Content Upgrade Redirect block.

Now, when one of our readers hits the Buy Now button, they are taken to a landing page we created just for this course.

Before we move on, let’s talk about why you may want to create a custom landing page (registration page) when using the Content Upgrade Redirect block. The whole point is to get people from the page they are on to the content they want with the right access as smoothly as possible.

The guitar teaching website offers memberships that don’t include access to the beginner’s guitar course, so we don’t want to offer customers coming from this post those memberships.

Using the Restrict Content Registration Form shortcode, we created a registration form that only allows people to enroll in the membership that includes our beginner course.

After completing the registration form, our new customer will be redirected to the beginners guitar course. Pretty cool!

Wrapping Up: Upsells and Content Upgrades for the Win

Registering new customers and getting them to the content they desire can still be a clunky process. Add the Content Upgrade Redirect block to any post or page to quickly register new customers and get them to the content they want!

The best part is that this is now BAKED IN to Restrict Content Pro in the latest version, so all you need to do is update to get going! Make your customer’s first impression of you a good one with Restrict Content Pro version 3.5.8.

Give it a spin now for free when you sign up for a Restrict Content Pro demo sandbox site.

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