Restrict Content Pro is joining iThemes

Today we are excited to share that Restrict Content Pro has been acquired by iThemes.

Over the last eight years we have built Restrict Content Pro into the best membership plugin for WordPress and we couldn’t be more proud of the product. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of our customers these past years and we cannot wait to watch as iThemes carries the product forward to new and improved heights.

See the full announcement from our founder Pippin.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Starting today, all new purchases will take place on If you have any questions about your license key or renewal, you can get them answered by contacting [email protected].

In the next week or two, customer support and more will be fully migrated to new systems as well.

We have been working with the iThemes team for several months already to get them up to speed on Restrict Content Pro and we will continue to work with them for several more months so we can ensure a smooth transition for everyone. During this time there will be a series of data migrations as we work to get Restrict Content Pro fully integrated into the iThemes infrastructure and you can expect to hear from iThemes with further updates.

What happens next?

The team at iThemes has more than a decade of experience running membership sites and they will be putting all of their knowledge, skills, and experience into further improving Restrict Content Pro.

It will be a very exciting time to be a Restrict Content Pro user!

Pippin has shared an in depth post about this acquisition on the Sandhills Development blog. A blog post has also been published on iThemes about this acquisition. Also, check out an FAQ page for this acquisition on the iThemes website.

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