Skillful Plugins is Joining Restrict Content Pro

Over the last few months, we have been having a number of conversations with customers and the community around Restrict Content Pro. In those conversations, we realized a couple of features were greatly needed to grow Restrict Content Pro in the WordPress membership market. 

At the same time we were having these conversations, we were approached by a 3rd party developer that was looking for a home for a couple of his plugins. Those initial conversations led us to today, when we are excited to announce that we have acquired Skillful Plugins and the plugins Tanner Moushey has developed for Restrict Content Pro. This includes several recommended plugins like the Restrict Content Pro – Avatax plugin and  the View Limit plugin. 

Who is Skillful Plugins?

Skillful Plugins is a 3rd party developer that has been building Restrict Content Pro plugins for quite awhile. Started by Tanner Moushey, Skillful Plugins is the product arm of his digital agency, Mission Lab.

Tanner approached us shortly after our acquisition announcement of Restrict Content Pro wanting to discuss what the future held for 3rd party developers. After numerous conversations, we mutually agreed that a better option presented itself in acquiring the add-ons from Skillful Plugins. The development team that has worked on these plugins was not part of the deal. 

What does this mean for existing Restrict Content Pro customers?

All current Restrict Content Pro customers will get access to these additional plugins with their current plans. You’re getting the following plugins:

  • BuddyPress
  • Custom Renew
  • Resume Manager
  • View Limit
  • Ultimate Member

What does this mean for existing Skillful Plugins customers?

We’ve gone in and cancelled any existing recurring plans for existing customers. Skillful Plugin Customers are likely Restrict Content Pro customers as well and may already have an existing plan with us that includes these plugins. In the event that they do not have an existing plan, we’ll be offering them a special offer. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

We are raising prices come Feb. 1st!

As we switch up the pricing plans we want to give you time to get in on our current pricing. If you purchase before February 1st when the prices change, you’ll get grandfathered in to the current prices. We want you to lock in our existing prices, so it’s important you purchase before February 1st.

We are just getting started

We are taking 2021 and moving full speed ahead. We have a solid roadmap ahead and are excited to see what you do with Restrict Content Pro in 2021!

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  1. I have the View Limit plugin which just expired last month. It is prompting me to renew at Skill Plugins. Is that where I should be renewing? Because I have an RCP Pro license shouldn’t that plugin now me included in my account?

    1. Hey Mark – Depending on your RCP license, you may already have access to the plugin. We’ve included it in our Ultimate (lifetime) and Professional plans. If that’s the license of RCP you have, you can grab the View Limit add-on from and license it with the iThemes Licensing system that RCP uses.

  2. Hi, I am trying to create a membership area where say one type of member gets a set of videos on subject 1 and where another type get access to videos on subject 2. Neither can see the other users content. I have Ultimate RCP account and I was hoping that the Ultimate Member plugin would provide this? Can you advise me the best way to do it? Thank you.

    1. If I understand you correctly, I don’t believe you need to go the route of adding Ultimate Member into the mix. Instead within RCP, you should be able to add two different membership levels. Then restrict each set of videos based on those membership levels. Are you also trying to build a dashboard that would work with both levels? You could look at using the restrict content shortcode,–restrict-. Specifically you could build it where each content area would only show if a membership level was set.

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