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Version 2.8 released! One-time discount codes and Braintree integration

Thanks to everyone who helped us test our 2.8 beta release, and we’re excited to be releasing the final version for all customers today! This update includes two exciting new features as well as a variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

One-time discount codes

Discount codes are a great way to incentivize customers into registering accounts, especially for special promotions and holiday sales. Since version 1.0, however, Restrict Content Pro has always applied discount codes to all payments within a subscription, not just the first payment. For example, if a customer applied a 30% discount to a $10 subscription, the customer’s initial signup payment would be discounted to $7 and all renewal payments after the first payment would also be $7. This is not ideal for many, if not most, membership websites, so in version 2.8 we have introduced the option to make discount codes apply only to the first payment in a subscription.

One-time discount codes can be enabled from the Restrict → Settings → Misc screen:

When enabled, all discount codes will apply to the first payment only. Using the same example as before, if a customer applies a 30% discount to a $10 subscription, the initial payment would be discounted to $7 but all subsequent payments would be for the original $10 amount.

Braintree Payments integration

We have offered a basic integration for Braintree Payments for quite a while through a free add-on, however, it’s always had major weaknesses. With 2.8 we’re pleased to say that we’ve brought the Braintree Payments integration directly into the core plugin and made it full featured. Unlike with the add-on Braintree plugin we’ve offered previously, this integration supports all of the standard Restrict Content Pro features, including recurring discounts and free trials.

If you’ve used the Braintree add-on previously, it should automatically be deactivated when upgrading to 2.8 and your API key settings should be seamlessly copied over.

If it’s your first time working with Braintree Payments, you can read our documentation article to help you get started.

Other improvements

Along with the two major enhancements mentioned above, we have also made a number of other small improvements:

  • Use count on discount codes now get properly adjusted when account registration fails.
  • An option has been added to remove all data from the database when uninstalling Restrict Content Pro (Restrict → Settings → Misc screen).
  • Payment profiles for member accounts can now be cancelled directly from the member Edit screen. A checkbox will appear when changing the member’s status to “Cancelled”.
  • A filter has been added to allow custom metadata to be attached to Stripe subscriptions.
  • All plugin CSS has been refactored to be more clear and consistent.
  • Admin email notifications now support email template tags.
  • An option has been added to allow site admins to select whether Auto Renew is checked by default for new subscribers. (Read more about our auto renewal settings in this article.)
  • The help tabs have been updated to account for plugin changes and new features.

Bug fixes

This release also fixes a number of bugs:

  • If registration with a free trial fails, it is not possible for members to try again
  • Manual renewals improperly prorate payment amounts
  • Payment profile IDs do not have whitespace removed
  • Responsive list tables do not work with all themes
  • Help tabs were not able to be translated
  • Auto Renew checkbox not checked by default
  • Incorrect behavior with some restriction functions due to empty metadata being saved

Version 2.8 is available to all customers with a valid license key. The update can be installed from your Plugins page inside your WordPress admin area, or it can be downloaded from your Restrict Content Pro account page. If you don’t yet have a license key, head over to our Pricing page to get started!

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  1. Although we recently decided to use RCP because we value your work, we nevertheless get the impression that some core functions are not very stable. Maybe in our humble opinion you should concentrate on fixing the core of the plugin, i.e., its key protection and payment functions. E.G “Manual renewals improperly prorate payment amounts” now fixed. RCP is great and beats competition due to its simplicity and support but it would be nice to reach a stage where we can finally say that this is now stable in terms of key functions. It’s understandable to have fixes for more complicated functions.I think this is important for someone who plans to build a business on it. I also think you can do it and be at the top of membership plugins.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you for the concerns! We strive to make Restrict Content Pro one of the best and full-featured membership plugins available for WordPress, and I believe we’re making exceptional progress on that front.

      Over the last year, there have been two primary focus areas for RCP:

      1. Take care of a long list of issues, such as the ones you mentioned. With Restrict Content Pro being one of the oldest membership plugins on the market, it has its fair share of nuances and quirks, but these are rapidly being worked out. If you review our changelog, you’ll see we’ve been pushing out updates that add better stability and fix edge cases like those you mentioned every week or two for more than a year now.

      2. Expand its feature set so that it can truly be one of the best and full-featured membership plugins available. If you look back over what we have added and released in the last year, I don’t think anyone can dispute that we’ve been working very hard at this and making significant progress.

      If you haven’t, I would recommend reading Chris Lema’s recent post about RCP. He highlights one of the unique challenges we’re presented with in development of RCP: maintaining backwards compatibility. That’s a challenge we’ve embraced and will continue to embrace for the life span of RCP.

      Restrict Content Pro has moved from a side project of my own to a full-fledged team project with two fulltime developers on it. That has allowed us to make exponential progress on it. If you, however, believe there are still areas that you feel need further attention, we would love to hear about them in depth, so we welcome you to submit a support ticket at any time:


      1. Thanks Pippin.

        Just to let you know, if I have a free user and then I delete him, the count Free(1) in Members does not update to Free(0) but stays at Free(1). Minor issue.

  2. [This is a pre-purchase question, but couldn’t find anywhere else to ask it!]

    I’m thinking of moving from my current membership plugin to RCP. I provide teaser content at the moment by using the tag on every page. I’ve searched your documentation extensively, but cannot find any mention of this. Does RCP support this convention?

    1. Hi John! 🙂

      We have a setting that allows you to show an excerpt of the restricted content. This can be globally enabled for all content, or switched on just for specific posts.

      If you’d like to chat about this more, you can get in touch with us through the support page. Just type in “pre sale question”, then scroll down below the articles and click “Submit a Ticket”. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

  3. Hello! I recently purchased the Professional package that comes with customer support but I can’t find a phone number or chat option on the website. Please advise.

  4. Forgive me if this is an obvious answer but I didn’t find an answer elsewhere.
    Does RCP support more membership levels for each user ?
    If not, is it in developing ? Perhaps as an add-on ?
    Thank you for attention

    1. We do not at this time but it’s on our todo list to add support for in the future.

      1. Thank you Pippin for your answer. Any rough estimate of what “future” mean ? Perhaps by the end of 2017 ? Or it’s something it will not happen this year ?

  5. Love this plugin, however is there any way to restrict ALL posts? I have posts that are unnassigned to categories and cannot seem to find a way to restrict them.

    1. Hi Phil 🙂

      Currently you can restrict an individual post, or you can restrict a category/tag (which restricts all posts associated with it). You can see our Restricting Content documentation for more information about those methods.

      We are working on a new option to restrict an entire post type at once but it’s not available yet.

      Feel free to get in touch via our support page if you have any further questions!

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