3 beautiful membership onboarding experiences

Quality member onboarding can mean the difference between highly engaged members who commit themselves to your content and members who feel lost and eventually churn. In this post, we look at three beautiful membership onboarding experiences to give you inspiration for effectively onboarding your own members.

The art of winning back lost members

You’ve accepted that churn is an inevitable part of running a membership site, but what should you be doing to win back lost members – and how? In this post, we talk about win-back campaigns and how to inspire your lost members to return!

5 tips for handling membership growth

You’re getting new members, retaining old ones, and building a community; your membership business is growing! Awesome. But, what adjustments should you make in order to manage the increasing load? In this post, we highlight some of our top tips for handling membership growth to help you keep things running smoothly.

Understanding the long-term value of your members

One of the best things about running a membership site is that your success isn’t necessarily all about the number of new sales you make, or even member churn. In this post, we discuss the significance of long-term member value and how you can tap into it to maximize your membership results.

6 ways to simplify your membership business

As a membership site owner you can have so many things to keep track of, produce, and manage that simplifying things sounds like a far-off dream. In this post, we aim to provide some guidance to help you streamline, automate, and simplify your membership business – and make your life a little easier!

Should you be offering tiered memberships?

Pricing your memberships is an important part of running a membership site – and the tiered membership model is a popular choice. But, how do you know if it’s right for your site? In this post, we highlight some of the benefits of tiered memberships to consider, so that you can make an informed decision.