AffiliateWP is a partner project between Pippin Williamson and Andrew Munro, two of our primary developers and support agents for Restrict Content Pro, and was born out of our own frustrations with existing platforms. We wanted a platform that was reliable, worked effectively, and one that we loved to use. When it comes to affiliate marketing, a potentially vital part of your business, you should never dread logging into the system to view your affiliate stats or to pay your affiliates. It should not be a chore to do anything with your affiliates. Creating a system that is a joy to use and that works reliably has been our goal since day one.

Some of the core features of AffiliateWP:

  • Integrates directly with all major WordPress e-Commerce and Membership plugins
  • Efficiently tracks referral links from your affiliates
  • Complete affiliate area for affiliates to log into and view their stats
  • Works out of the box on all hosting companies, even those with aggressive caching systems
  • Extensive reporting on referrals, affiliates, and visits
  • Affiliate registration and moderation system
  • An extensive code base that’s ready for other developers to extend

AffiliateWP - The best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress