Taxamo integration for Restrict Content Pro

With the introduction of the new EU VAT rules, there are a lot of membership sites that need to update their systems to be fully compliant with the new regulations, especially for sites that are based in the EU. is a service that helps make your site compliant by handling tax calculations and report generation. This free add-on plugin for Restrict Content Pro will connect Restrict Content Pro to Taxamo.

Once activated, you will have a new section in your settings page under the Restrict menu where you can enter your Taxamo API credentials:

RCP Taxamo settings

What exactly does this extension do once enabled? A few things:

  • Updates prices automatically during registration to show taxes if they choose a country that VAT applies to.
  • Stores a unique Taxamo transaction for each subscription that includes all required VAT information.
  • Recurring future payments will be added to that same transaction.
  • Sends all transaction data to Taxamo for reports

Thanks to Daniel Iser for his excellent work on this plugin.