We are happy to announce the new EDD FES Vendor Limits add-on for Restrict Content Pro. This free add-on creates a bridge between Restrict Content Pro and Frontend Submissions for Easy Digital Downloads, allowing you to charge vendors to publish a set number of products on your marketplace. This is a feature our team has been asked about many times, and we’re thrilled to introduce a solution that handles it with ease.

Vendor Limits is a simple, yet powerful add-on. In addition to charging vendors for access to the marketplace, you can control the number of products they can publish in a given subscription period. For example, if you have a membership that allows a vendor to publish 10 products, and that membership renews every 30 days, the vendor will be able to publish up to 10 new products per month as long as his or her subscription is active. If the member’s subscription expires, he or she will no longer be able to publish new products to the marketplace until the subscription is renewed.

The Vendor Product Limit setting
The Vendor Product Limit setting
The message shown when a vendor has reached the limit
The message shown when a vendor has reached the limit

Vendors Limits is available today for free for all license holders. Don’t have a Restrict Content Pro license yet? Get one today!

John Parris

About the author: John is a developer, tester, and support team member at Restrict Content Pro. He can also occasionally be found doing fun things over at Easy Digital Downloads. He's also a coffee enthusiast and lover of the great outdoors.


  1. Amazing guys, amazing!

    Keep up the good work, already thinking to switch package level 🙂

  2. I have a journal website with four level subscription, for example level one is limited for 30 days. But subscribers can reading all contents.

    Now I need a plugin that will limited level one subscribers access to contents that published within last one month. level 2 subscribers will limited to access contents that published with in last 3 month.

    1. We don’t have a feature that lets you do that at this time but it’s certainly possible we’ll introduce one in the future!

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