Restrict Content Pro has been built with developers in mind. That means it is flexible, easy to extend, and chalked full of action hooks and filters, making it easy to modify and tweak to your specific needs.

Theme Integration

With clean and simple display options, Restrict Content Pro is designed to integrate perfectly with every theme without any custom CSS being necessary.

Extensive and easy to modify┬átemplate files are included with Restrict Content Pro. If you have built a theme, for clients or general distribution, you can easily┬ácustomize the display of registration forms, profile editor, account pages, and more through custom template files added directly to your theme’s folder.

Plugin Integration and Add-ons

Because of the huge number of action hooks and filters, Restrict Content Pro can be easily integrated with other plugins to help provide a more seamless experience for customers. This also makes it possible to build add-on plugins for Restrict Content Pro that extend its functionality. See our add-ons catalogue for some examples.

Developer documentation is available.