Content Restriction

One of Restrict Content Pro’s most powerful features is content restriction. With Restrict Content Pro, site administrators can restrict content based on membership level, access level, or by a user’s WordPress role.

Restrict Content Pro was built to solve a common problem for WordPress users: there’s currently no easy way to restrict content other than password-protection. Password-protect pages simply won’t do for most websites, so you need a more robust content-restriction utility. 

Here are a few ways Restrict Content Pro gives you powerful content restriction options: 

  1. Restrict posts, pages and most custom post types. At the bottom of each page or post, you’ll find content restriction settings. You can also choose to restrict all pages or posts.
  2. Restrict categories and tags. From the Categories and Tags pages, you’ll find content restriction settings. You can also choose to restrict all categories or tags.
  3. Restrict specific parts of your content. Limit access to certain parts of your content with a shortcode, like [restrict]This content is limited to logged in users.[/restrict].
  4. Restrict by logged-in users only. Restrict Content enables you to restrict access to your content to logged-in users only.
  5. Restrict by WordPress user role – Use the default WordPress user roles of Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber to restrict content. 
  6. Restrict by membership level – With Restrict Content Pro, you can add unlimited membership levels to use to restrict content. A membership level refers to a membership option you can set up in the Restrict Content Pro plugin. For example, you might have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership level. 
  7. Restrict by access level – Restrict Content Pro allows you to set up access levels (1-10). Access Level refers to a tiered system where a member’s ability to view content is determined by the access level assigned to their account. For example, a member with an access level of 5 can view content assigned to access levels of 5 and lower.

Powerful Content Restriction Options

At the bottom of every page, in post, and even custom post type, Restrict Content Pro displays a “Restrict this content” section. Inside these settings, you can restrict members by membership level, by a certain access level or with a certain user role.

Access Level restriction settings