Stripe is one of the best payment processors available to site owners throughout the world. With a simple setup process and exceptional reliability, Stripe is an excellent option for accepting credit and debit card payments in Restrict Content Pro.


Support for Stripe is included in Restrict Content Pro at no additional charge. Stripe uses transactional pricing and charges at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. If you process more than $80,000 per month, volume discounts on transaction fees are also available. See Stripe’s Pricing page for more information.

Countries Supported

Stripe is currently supported in 23+ countries. To find out if your country is available, visit Stripe’s Global page.

Currencies Supported

Stripe supports more than 100 currencies worldwide. See their details page for more information.

Payment Flow

With Stripe, customers will be shown a credit/debit card form directly on your registration form:


After filling in the credit/debit card details, the customer will be presented with a processing indicator. If the card is successfully charged, the customer will be redirected to the success page. If the card fails, the customer will be shown an error message.

Restrict Content Pro also supports processing credit/debit cards through Stripe Checkout, which simplifies the registration form, making it more likely that customers will complete their registration.

Stripe Checkout


Once you are ready to use Stripe with Restrict Content Pro, visit the setup documentation for step-by-step instructions on connecting Restrict Content Pro to Stripe.

Not sure if Stripe is the right platform for your payment processing needs? Contact Stripe today to learn how it can work for you!