Stripe is one of the best payment processors available to site owners throughout the world. With a simple setup process and exceptional reliability, Stripe is an excellent option for accepting credit and debit card payments in Restrict Content Pro.


Stripe has a per-transaction charge which varies by country. Discounts for high volume processing are available. See Stripe’s pricing page for more information.

Restrict Content Pro does not charge additional fees beyond your license purchase.

Global support

Stripe is currently available in over 35 countries with more on the way. If Stripe is not yet supported in your country, the Stripe Atlas program is available to help you establish a legal presence in the United States.

Stripe is also able to accept payments in 135+ different currencies and provides support in 14 different languages24/7 phone and chat support in English is also available for all Stripe users.

Verified partner

In addition to Stripe being the preferred payment gateway for Restrict Content, we are also officially a Stripe verified partner. The Stripe partner program recognizes applications which meet their strict quality requirements and allows us to provide even better services for you.

Stripe Verified Partner - Restrict Content Pro

Payment Flow

With Stripe, customers will be shown a credit/debit card form directly on your registration form:

Registration form with payments through Stripe

After filling in the credit/debit card details, the customer will be presented with a processing indicator. If the card is successfully charged, the customer will be redirected to the success page. If the card fails, the customer will be shown an error message.

Restrict Content Pro also supports processing Stripe payments through a modal, which simplifies the registration form, making it more likely that customers will complete their registration.

Learn more about Stripe and Restrict Content Pro

Not sure yet if Stripe is the right choice for your business? We recommend contacting Stripe directly. Or, if you want to better understand how our integration with Stripe works and how it can be configured, take a look at our documentation. Lastly, if you still have unanswered questions, get in touch with us! We’re happy to help.