Club Memberships Discounts, specials, and access for members

A club membership is designed to give special prices, additional access, discounts, and more to paying members.

Restrict Content Pro makes it easy to set up a club membership for your website. Members can easily register their own account, pay for their access, and immediately begin receiving benefits.

Whether you run a digital club or something more physical, such as shopping club discounts, Restrict Content Pro can easily handle subscription payments and access for your members.

Common club memberships include:

  • Access to downloads of graphic or media assets
  • Local shopping discounts
  • e-Commerce discounts
  • One-time or limited-time deals

For example, if you sell products through WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, you could offer automatic discounts to paid subscribers in those stores. Check out WooCommerce Member Discounts and EDD Member Discounts.