Welcome to the 3rd-party add-ons for Restrict Content Pro. The following add-ons are not official add-ons for Restrict Content Pro and are therefore only supported by the developers who maintain them. If you need support for any of these add-ons, please reach out to the developer by clicking on the relevant link below.

Custom Renew
Set subscription renewals at the subscription level.

IP Restriction
Restrict Content to IP Addresses.

AWeber Pro
Provides newsletter integration between Restrict Content Pro and AWeber.

Integrates Restrict Content Pro with ActiveCampaign.

Add site members to forms and tags in ConvertKit.

Connect Restrict Content Pro to iDevAffiliate.

MailChimp Pro
Subscribe members to MailChimp lists and synchronize account details over time

Connect Restrict Content Pro to BuddyPress

Let members subscribe to your GetResponse mailing list

Terms and Conditions
Add a terms and conditions checkbox

Hide Toolbar
Hides the WordPress admin toolbar from members when logged in.

Subscription Details Widget
Show a member’s subscription details in any widget area of your site.

Advanced Shortcodes
Adds additional shortcodes to your site.

User Country lets you store country location information about your members during registration.

Restrict Content Pro Toolbar adds a dropdown menu to your WordPress admin bar, with useful links that take you directly to the Restrict Content Pro admin pages, like Members, Subscription Levels, Settings, and more.

Restriction Timelock lets you keep content unrestricted until a defined time in the future, at which point it will become restricted.