Welcome to the 3rd-party add-ons for Restrict Content Pro. The following add-ons are not official add-ons for Restrict Content Pro and are therefore only supported by the developers who maintain them. If you need support for any of these add-ons, please reach out to the developer by clicking on the relevant link below.

Custom Renew
Set subscription renewals at the subscription level.

Connect Restrict Content Pro to iDevAffiliate.

Connect Restrict Content Pro to BuddyPress

Let members subscribe to your GetResponse mailing list

Terms and Conditions
Add a terms and conditions checkbox

Restriction Timelock lets you keep content unrestricted until a defined time in the future, at which point it will become restricted.

Coupon Generator lets you display a banner with a coupon code to encourage people to subscribe.

Taxes lets you charge tax during registration.

Multi-currency lets you offer multiple currencies, and it uses geolocation detection to display the correct currency to your members.