9 Must Have Essential Membership Site Email Automations

For owners of membership websites, email automation can make much easier. To connect with your members and subscribers, emails are the most effective form of communication. Even with the scope of digital marketing expanding daily, email still remains a highly efficient marketing medium. In fact, depending on how well you use it, your returns on …

13 Surefire Ways to Improve Member Retention

For membership site owners, membership retention is super important. Firstly, adding a new member to the list requires a lot of work. From constant touchpoints to the amount of investment that goes into converting them from interested to active members, there’s no downplaying the sheer amount of effort. However, signing a member up is one …

7 Important Questions to Help You Buy a Membership Plugin

With more people than ever working for home and the growing number of small businesses looking to the internet for the first time, there’s no question people are looking at membership sites these days. They likely will be for some time. If you are just getting starting at building a membership site, one thing you’ll …

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Membership Site Lifecycle

Membership models are becoming more prevalent than ever before. We got used to them pretty quickly with gym memberships, but then Netflix hit the scene with a subscription that allowed you to receive DVDs in the mail. Fast forward to today and every business is experimenting with subscriptions (memberships). Did you know that Panera now …

New: Restrict Content Pro v3.4 and Group Accounts v2.2 Released

Today, we’re excited to release Restrict Content Pro version 3.4 and Group Accounts 2.2. Both of these releases give you a number of exciting features including: the ability to toggle auto renew off and on with Stripe, a new payments importer tool, new logging functionality, the ability to have discounts apply to signup fees, a …

Version 3.4 beta released

We’re so excited to finally bring you the beta for Restrict Content Pro version 3.4. It includes some very exciting new features, including: the ability to toggle auto renew off and on with Stripe, a new payments importer tool, new logging functionality, a bug fix related to renewal expiration dates, and more!

Introducing Recapture for Restrict Content Pro

Over the last few weeks, we have been testing an exciting integration with Restrict Content Pro and are excited to share it with you.

Membership sites are a form of an eCommerce site and have many of the same components of an online store. One important trait that affects all stores is cart abandonment. Shopify, arguably the largest eCommerce platform out there, estimates that the number of people who abandon an online cart is hovering around 70-75% of consumers.

3 beautiful membership onboarding experiences

Quality member onboarding can mean the difference between highly engaged members who commit themselves to your content and members who feel lost and eventually churn. In this post, we look at three beautiful membership onboarding experiences to give you inspiration for effectively onboarding your own members.