Sell multi-member group memberships through Restrict Content Pro.

Release content to members on a schedule with Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro.

Subscribe members to different MailChimp lists for each subscription level and synchronize account details over time.

This add-on allows you to specify the redirect URL that members are sent to after logging in and registering accounts.

Give members automatic discounts on purchases in your WooCommerce store.

Allow paid subscribers to purchase sites in a WordPress multisite.

Add members to your AWeber mailing list when they sign up for a membership.

This extension integrates Restrict Content Pro with ConvertKit by letting you subscribe members to forms and courses when they purchase a subscription on your site.

Subscribe members to your ActiveCampaign mailing lists when they register for memberships.

Keep content unrestricted until a specified date in the future, at which point it will become restricted automatically.

Specify a date and time when restricted content will have its restrictions removed, making it available to everyone.

Restrict content published prior to a member's join date.

Allows for a specific expiration date to be assigned to membership levels.

Display customer's membership information from Restrict Content Pro inside of Help Scout when viewing tickets.

A complete RESTful API for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.

This is a simple add-on for Restrict Content Pro that adds a math verification field to the registration form.

Allow specified IP addresses to bypass content restrictions and ban other IP addresses from signing up for a membership plan.