Sell multi-member group memberships through Restrict Content Pro.

Give members automatic discounts on purchases in your WooCommerce store.

Release content to members on a schedule with Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro.

This add-on allows you to specify the redirect URL that members are sent to after logging in and registering accounts.

Allow paid subscribers to purchase sites in a WordPress multisite.

Specify a date and time when restricted content will have its restrictions removed, making it available to everyone.

Restrict content published prior to a member's join date

Allows for a specific expiration date to be assigned to subscription levels.

Display customer's membership information from Restrict Content Pro inside of Help Scout when viewing tickets.

A complete RESTful API for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.

This is a simple add-on for Restrict Content Pro that adds a math verification field to the registration form.