Braintree lets you easily process credit and debit card payments directly on your website through Restrict Content Pro.


Support for Braintree is available via a free add-on. Braintree uses transactional pricing and charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. If you process more than $80,000 per month, volume discounts on transaction fees are also available. See Braintree’s Pricing page for more information.

Note: pricing may vary slightly depending on the country your business is locate in.

Countries Supported

Braintree is currently supported in 47+ countries. To find out if your country is available, visit Braintree’s country page.

Currencies Supported

Braintree supports more than 130+ currencies world wide. See their international page for more information.

Payment Flow

With Braintree, customers will be shown a credit / debit card form directly on your registration form:


After filling in the credit / debit card details, the customer will be presented with a processing indicator. If the card is successfully charged, the customer will be redirected to the success page. If the card fails, the customer will be shown an error message.