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Member Spotlight: Screen Shot Media

You can be sassy and informative – it definitely keeps things interesting. Screen Shot Media uses their unique voice to keep you up to date and in the know.

This week’s Membership Spotlight allows you to see how others are putting Restrict Content Pro to work in their businesses to keep you informed, inspired and connected.

This week the spotlight shines on Screen Shot Media.

A little about Screen Shot Media:

We heard from Alma Fabiani, Managing Editor and Staff Writer, about all the things they have going on at Screen Shot:

Screen Shot media is the home of high-quality trending content, fresh news, and unique entertainment insights. We shed light on new conversations for and from the new generation. Unlike any other news media companies, we specialise in internet culture and technology and focus on the way it impacts future generations. Our premium, unique, bite-sized, and easily digestible content is customised to the needs and interests of our young audience to bring them all the news they need on the topics they actually care about.

Our membership Screen Shot Pro is a new Screen Shot premium paywall content built to keep the next generation of young professionals informed, inspired, and connected. By becoming part of an unconventional community of changemakers, Pro members can discover how to take their career to the next level before everyone else, unlock new ways to boost their creativity, receive tips straight from the multifaceted creatives they look up to, and stay updated on all the latest industry insights through our Level Up classes, Deep Dives, and Challenges.

Behind the Curtain

RCP has been the basis of Screen Shot Pro’s success. The membership plugin allowed us to easily build restricted access to our premium content, helping us gain more members in no time. Site visitors can easily sign up for our new platform thanks to RCP’s complete membership management system. We can also overview Screen Shot Pro’s success by accessing in-depth insight on our audience and learning more about what brought them to subscribe to our membership. Discount codes are also a great way to attract more members! [pullquote] Discount codes are also a great way to attract more members![/pullquote]

Where We Go From Here

When it comes to using RCP and growing our membership further, we aim to reach 10K memberships by the end of 2021. As for Screen Shot media, we’re constantly expanding our reach by launching new content on other platforms. We’ve recently launched our own YouTube channel where we already have three different series, we’re also looking to grow our TikTok presence and are also working as an agency for amazing brands. 

Our Advice:

  1. Be focused on building an engaged community through high-quality content.
  2. Know your audience’s likes. This is the key to business success

Now It’s Your Turn

When we learn from each other, then we are better positioned to build success. Screen Shot Media creates unique, informative (and even a little sassy) content to engage readers to build their business. What are your secrets?

Will you share your RCP journey?  We want to continue shining the spotlight on the Restrict Content Pro family. If you are interested, fill out the form below. 

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