Announcing: Dropping Support for 2Checkout

We have been excited to have the opportunity in taking over the development and advancement of Restrict Content Pro. During the last few months we’ve been conducting research, understanding our customers, reaching out to see what issues they are encountering over and over again, and looking forward to the new direction we’re looking to take Restrict Content Pro.

With everything that we’ve been conducting we have been able to learn a lot about our customers. In this case, we found out that a small percentage of users are using 2Checkout as their payment gateway. 2Checkout is an older gateway for us and one that has caused a lot of problems for us in support and in testing environments.

One of the biggest problems with 2Checkout is that in order for us to test the integration, we have to go to some pretty extreme production settings. That adds a lot of time for us to set up and maintain for such a small group of customers.

As a result, we’re making a tough choice to start the process of discontinuing support for 2Checkout. You’ll see some of this starting in our recent minor release, 3.5.1. New users will no longer see 2Checkout settings on the payments tab of the Restrict Content Pro Settings page.

If you are an existing user or your site has 2Checkout settings in the database, the fields will continue to show. This will allow you to continue to use 2Checkout for the time being, while allowing us to start separating that chunk of code from the core of RCP. We will provide a separate plugin in the future as an add-on to Restrict Content Pro, that will allow our users to continue using 2Checkout until they can migrate to a different Payment Gateway.

We will continue to look at payment gateways and determine what we should support and discontinue as we aim to provide the best experience possible for our customers. One thing you will note is that in our recent release of Restrict Content Pro 3.5, we focused on improving our integration with Stripe. 

It’s one of the most used payment gateways and it offers a lot of functionality that enables you to run your business very successfully. We’re gearing up to provide you with more of that functionality with our Stripe integration over the coming months.

We’re committed to the RCP community and we believe this move allows us to support the majority of our customers the best way possible. We’re working a lot behind the scenes right now and hope to share with you more of that after the holidays.

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